Outdoor Update: Day 75 Flowers

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Outdoor Update: Day 75 Flowers– Day 75 of flowering, the ladies have had a great outdoor season. It has been a blast growing outdoors for my first time, and I can not wait for next season! ­čśÇ Thanks for watching, Subscribe for more grow updates, tips, tutorials, cannabis montages, sessions and more!!! Grow420Guide and this video are for information purposes only, and intended for medical marijuana patients who live in a city, state or country where cultivating cannabis is legal. All information and content on this video is i

50 comments on “Outdoor Update: Day 75 Flowers

  1. NinjaGrower420 on

    4 Dislikes? Who the fuck dislikes big ass juicy´╗┐ buds? Are Mormons and Amish people watching this video or what?

  2. 904MALCOM on

    Aye did it only take you 74-75 days to grow them Outdoors or did you´╗┐ start them Indoors for the vegetation stage and then took them outside?

  3. chefrjack on

    Bro you have some badass skills! I am experiencing my very first grow and´╗┐ I gotta tell ya, you inspired me to go all in. I decided to go for a nice crop of indoor grown white widow. My biggest concern is dealing with the nutes. Having never done this before I am going with 1/2 to 1/4 measures per gal. They are in soilless medium and doing fine so far (2 weeks in total).. How long was it that you practiced before you got comfortable with the nutes?

  4. kushpwner420 on

    Hello from Canada. Just started watching your vids and I am addicted. I hope you know how lucky you´╗┐ are to be able to grow like you do. It’s legal, and you’re in such a beautiful state with great weather for outdoor growing. I’m so jealous! Keep it up, I’m officially a fan.

  5. loudpackblack2 on

    U got some excellent shit there!!!! Damn good´╗┐ 4 ya first time outdoors. Massive!!!!! Peace. TGC

  6. XxAnythingRandomXx on

    Jus a personal preference i hate how u cover the camera when u move it around anywhere. And´╗┐ u never show ur face. My cousin used to do that but not anymore

  7. weedforlife1000 on

    hey i was wondering if u could do a curing video thats the one thing i dont´╗┐ know how thanks bro

  8. MaxxABillion on

    I’m not a grower,´╗┐ but I’m curious. During the flushing cycle, can it hurt the buds to over flush? Like when the fan leaves start to turn yellow and you continue to flush, does it negatively affect the buds?

  9. Grow420Guide on

    The smell is so potent I can only hope so I have a good feeling about this batch though ­čÖé I´╗┐ pushed this crop out as long as I could.

  10. Jose Bueno on

    Hey bruh how have you been? I’m glad your still continuing making your´╗┐ videos; I was wondering if you could help me with my growth, I’m starting a single bucket hydroponic grow with x nutrients with a clone I would really appriciate all your help and please if you are ok with emailing me since it’s faster and easier is really prefer that ( bueno93906@hotmail.com ) thank you and stay up bruh

  11. MrNakedgun2 on

    Oh… My… God… I really would like to move´╗┐ to California, or somewhere with a longer grow season! Beautiful plants man, I can’t wait to see the harvest video!!! ­čśÇ

  12. Blunteeezy on

    Looks great. I had to harvest on November 4th because of the frost we were starting to get. The plants were so close to being flushed but there is still some nitrogen in the buds and they don’t taste that good. Those plants look´╗┐ like the flavor is going to come through tremendously

  13. MuscleXxMilk on

    fuck so thats the right way to do it i wait for atleast half my leaves turn yellow i know its a little early but i´╗┐ felt like smokin

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