Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow- August 25, 2012


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Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow- August 25, 2012First time growing!!!! This is the 3rd week of flowering for some of my plants, and as of right now, all of them are in full flower. I’m using Fox Farm’s- BigBloom, and Tiger Bloom. Let me know what you think! I’am really curious as to how much i will get total, any ideas? Thanks. This is all in compliance with Prop 215 and Senate Bill 420. I’am a Medical Marijuana Patient, verified by the Sate of California. This for my consumption only. All plants- 1. Purple Ak 2.Grape Ape 3.Push 4.Blueberry d

2 comments on “Outdoor Medical Marijuana Grow- August 25, 2012

  1. derk693 on

    Thanks bro! I ended up putting another layer of that trellis netting over the 2 bigger ones because it gets so windy here lol.

  2. NorCalHappyGrower on

    Nice bro,im about to use the same type of net to tie my plants.
    Just updated my grow today

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