New stuff for the plants

HUGE Victory for Medical Marijuana Patients in Canada – CBC News
March 22, 2014
Rich Hardesty – All My Friends Are Stoners
March 22, 2014

New stuff for the plantsIf you have any recommended feeding schedule leave a comment please!! Thanks for watching.


  1. Farm4Freedom says:

    depends on how old your plant is but Like someone recommended start off at
    half the recommended as a base to start from then if you see deficiencies
    add more nutes until you get it just right. There is no one set feeding
    schedule, its a per plant schedule. I feed mine every other day an
    sometimes skip one day but inbetween feeding I feed straight ph tap water
    at 5.8. Ph you need will also depend on the medium you are growing. So if
    you grow soil it wont be the same as mine. Do some research and look up the
    Marijuana Bible. That was one of the first books i read before growing.
    Good luck and ill be watching in on this one! Looking good so far, Growers
    luv, Cheers!

  2. brookfieldr says:

    fuck yeah bro nice shit

  3. akasmokesalot johnny says:

    sweet.have you checked the website to see if there is a feeding scedule?
    looks good 

  4. unk40rm says:

    thumbs up bro

  5. Walt coff says:

    Hey greenfingers. I made wormcasting teas out of mind worked good. Disk if
    your in soil or coco I was in ffof. Just watch the Diamond black it burnt
    my shift up. Ok peace

  6. Kulinga S says:

    I would do one full cycle using the included schedule but at half strength.
    That way you will know what it will do for your plants then play around
    with it. that’s what I did on my cyco grow.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!