My neighbors have their side garage windows blacked out & have a generator going. R they growing marijuana?

Did you know marijuana plants grew to be “12 to 14 feet tall and 7 to 8 feet wide”? How long does it take?
September 8, 2010
Stoping the growing of marijuana plants?
September 8, 2010
Marijuana Growing

They came over and asked me not to call the police because they would have a generator running (claimed to have their electric out but no other neighbors do) They run this thing about 4 hours a day and a few hours at night. I think it’s pretty obvious but wouldn’t I detect a smell of marijuana? The generator is driving me nuts!


  1. bamapatsfan says:

    Its possible. If you are being disturbed, just make a disturbing the peace call.

  2. jitterbugjims says:

    anything is possible,but why would it run only a couple of hrs. a day?then again why be afraid of the police?this is your call.if the sound of the generator is a bother let your nieghbor know.good luck

  3. styrckt says:

    bang loudly on the front door than holler ,” FBI …EXIT THE HOUSE WITH YOUR HANDS VISABLE !!!…NOW”

  4. Stephen T says:

    You wouldn’t smell it when they’re just growing the plants. I would definitely call the police and let them know you think they are growing weed. It is your civic responsibility to do so and to keep the stuff from being sold to our children.

  5. Terry D says:

    Don’t jump to a conclusion . Talk to the neighbor.If they are receptive. Ask them why they have to run a generator. Also have they just moved in.They might not have the money for the electrical deposit. Give them the benfit of the doubt.

  6. Renaissance Man says:

    Chances are high that your suspicions are correct.

    That being said, it should not be your concern exactly what they might be doing. The disturbance caused by the running generator is your primary concern, and you have every right to the (mostly) quiet enjoyment of your property.

    If you have a good relationship with them, don’t get inquisitive nor make threats, but tell them in no uncertain terms that the noise is disruptive and you’d like it to stop. If they comply, then it’s done. If they assure you that they will cease within a reasonable time frame (acceptable to your tolerance level), then just wait.

    If it doesn’t stop, then you should simply contact the police to report the ongoing noise disturbance. Just report the noise and how long it has been going on. Make no mention of your suspicions. Let the police deal with that. Believe me, this will be the first thing the police suspect when they hear your complaint.

    Hang up and go make some popcorn.