My friend is growing marijuana plants in his house, what are the legalitys surrounding this?

Whats the penalty for growing 10 marijuana plants in Sussex county, Delaware?
September 26, 2010
September 26, 2010
Marijuana Growing
Oprah Winfrey asked:

I think he grows less than 10 plants, and we live in Canada.

If caught growing for his own benefit but not trafficking, could he face jail time? A criminal record?
We live in Alberta


  1. Golden says:

    really depends on what province you live in.

  2. Serial Stunter says:

    Leagally if he is found growing in his house he could face a maximum of 7 years in prison for anything over 7 plants. I don’t think anyone would ever recieve a sentence that stiff for 10 plants but that is the law. What kind of equipment is he using? A 1100w metal halide w/ballast is optimal for this amount. Does he know about photoperiods and when to implement them?