My Cannabox Cannapack Came!…& Vegas/Wonderland


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My Cannabox Cannapack Came!...& Vegas/WonderlandIn this video I unbos a Cannapack I ordered from The Cannabox. I also talk about my trip to Las Vegas & Alice In Wonderland. Please Like, Subscribe & Comment below! Danks for watching! One…

6 comments on “My Cannabox Cannapack Came!…& Vegas/Wonderland

  1. Bree Perry on

    Glad you enjoyed the movies. I just wanna say you make me smile. You bring
    so much joy to the stoner community and I thank you for everything you do.
    Can’t wait till your next video. One ♡. NEVER CHANGE. 

  2. Johnathon Cassidy on

    Hey Jane,
    I was wondering if you were ever planning on doing a video on bongs. I
    think it would be super interesting to see what you personally look for
    when you are purchasing one. Thanks for being awesome.
    ex oh ex oh

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