Mr.Tight’s HOME GROWN REPORT – Episode 6


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Mr.Tight's HOME GROWN REPORT - Episode 6GROWING WITH MR.TIGHT SHIRTS LEDS – Use code MRTIGHT & save 5% – Use code MRT10…

47 comments on “Mr.Tight’s HOME GROWN REPORT – Episode 6

  1. mike mifflin on

    Kool – Like your no BS thought on the led lights and the blue Planet nutes
    seem to be kicking for yah – Have a great time at the cup and I’ll be
    checking in to see whats-up on the next vid – peace

  2. Geppy Gep on

    Could you mix the 600 led on for 4 hours solo then 4 hours with 400 hps and
    led on together then the last 4 hours just the hps ? If I use led I will
    mix it w/hps

    Man thanks for the great info
    I would love it if you could talk about electrical issues and blowing a
    fuse. Do you pop your circuit breaker with all the things plugged in? Are
    there certain steps we can take to prevent this?
    How do I have an electrician come to my house lol

  3. north seven o five on

    Mr.Tight you need a seedling heatmat, its the exact size as the tray and
    dome and goes right under, it helps with cloning times, successes and
    humidity. And yes after my own testing 400 watts at the wall isn’t enough
    for a 4×4 area. I find the LED’s aren’t as bright as the HPS so youd be
    better off putting more LED watts in a 4×4 space than you usually would
    with HPS to get the same results, Id say 800w LED would do about as good as
    a 600HPS in a 4×4 tent.

  4. Gerald Callahan on

    Good vid as always many different things and subjects…not just same room
    staring at a plant…lol.ill be growing and safe trip over to
    the cup looks like I won’t be going peace great work

  5. HopesHigh420 on

    Love the home grown report!! Look forward to it every time …just one
    question have you ever thought about adding a few amendments like lime and
    worm castings to your soil just gives my plants that extra kick they need 

  6. MIKmurder89 on

    Mr. Tight, you are THE most informative grower on YouTube. I have to thank
    you for all that you do for our community. You and growers like Medgrower1
    I feel actually care about other growers gardens and helping them through
    grows trying not to make the same mistakes you have. I appreciate it man. 

  7. AntiBot420 on

    O really. Running elite also? Definitely want to see those results. I
    switched from pure blend pro to bpn’s elite series. As long as i added kelp
    and molasses the plants still seemed as fragrant but production was way
    more with bpn. Was thinking about trying their organic line. It will be
    nice to see how your run turns out. 

  8. Gerald Callahan on

    Good vid as always many different things and subjects…not just same room
    staring at a plant…lol.ill be growing and safe trip over to
    the cup looks like I won’t be going peace great work

  9. shredder0911 on

    I just ordered over $200 at Blue Planet based on yours and other vids, so I
    hope they don’t let me down! I also used your coupon code. 

  10. Ria Reece Baker on

    Hopefully Mr tight got a clone of that purple haze scrog that out under the
    hps be like a nuke in the tent 

  11. Peter Flawed on

    I was having a panic attack and thought something on YouTube would take my
    mind of it, thanks for helping me :)

  12. Dgit Buds on

    Hey Mr. Tight, I have a few outdoor girls and I was wondering if I should
    top them this late in the season. they’re at about the 8th node. Top or no

  13. the broad spectrum of life. . on

    Kool video & also very entertaining. ..although I’ve seen many of your
    videos & at the end of most harvest videos you would show how much each
    strain yielded in grams. It’ll be interesting to know, which strain yielded
    the most, while still retaining it’s unique flavors & density. Any feed
    back would be kool too..thanx

  14. Jorge Deleon on

    Finish it with the other light Man U got somthing there experoment man dank
    buds are good too I like that light idea 

  15. mrlol123ification on

    I watch your videos because marijuana is illegal in my country and would
    love to grow like this but cant

  16. unk40rm on

    I really enjoy your vids, I am thinking of trying a new nutrient line up
    how does it compare in cost to the canna tera series? If you know. The Blue
    planet that is.

  17. Alex Wilson on

    It doesn’t look like you check the trichome maturity or percentage of
    orange pistils to decide when to chop your plants.

  18. Jerm Alan on

    On your next harvest, you should show the final roots after you cut it down
    and trim. I love seeing how big my roots got during flower

  19. Mooman Sativa on

    Hey mr tight wanna say keep the good work up thanks to you my gardening has
    came on leaps and bounds wish a could make the cup to try meet ya n grab a
    tshirt lol pity a stay in Scotland 🙂 keep up the great work !!

  20. iamchillydogg on

    Why make BHO and winterize it instead of just doing ISO from the start?
    What’s the advantage?

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