Montana Man Faces Life In Prison For Growing Pot

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Montana Man Faces Life In Prison For Growing PotA Montana man could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty of growing marijuana plants. According to an affidavit obtained by the Independent Record, the Missouri River…

22 comments on “Montana Man Faces Life In Prison For Growing Pot

  1. Raphael Sloan on

    Who ever the democratic nominee is, they need to come out in front of
    legalization of marijuana on the national level. They will win in a
    landslide because the youth vote will be super energized for that person,
    this a slam dunk issue to run on!

  2. Cody Crouse on

    The Justice system that we have here in the CORPORATE STATES OF AMERICA
    would never be tolerated nor be legal in Canada & the European Union
    Sphere. Were supposed to have the best justice system in the World in
    reality Canada & the European Union Sphere have the best Justice Systems on
    the planet. No wonder when I graduate High School this upcoming June; June,
    2015, I’ll be moving to the European Union to get the FUCK OUTTA THIS

  3. smeechdog on

    Hmmm…dude…torn on this and I’m totally I’m with you on legalisation,but i
    also believe in state rights…so, why the fuck don’t these people move to
    washington/colorado? Then the states that legalise it get the benefit of
    enlightened people, thus putting pressure on other states to
    legalise…etc….I just think there’s a free-market between ‘legal and
    non-legal’ in the USA so why not fucking vote with your feet man and then
    your nation would soon legalise it at a federal level? 

  4. Abnormal Wrench on

    To be fair, if you were caught brewing thousands of gallons of hard liquor
    illegally, you’d probably be spending some years in jail. 

  5. Mylinda Grim on

    How many more of our sons, brothers, fathers, daughters, sisters, mothers
    are we going to let them take?
    Speak out to everyone you know.
    If you don’t then everyone will just continue to giggle like idiots and
    this will take many more years, billions of $, and hundreds of thousands
    more lives.
    Stop the #ReeferMadness #Legalize #Cannabis

  6. TheSchakalify on

    How come a judge can decide what you can and can’t bring up to defend
    yourself? That’s a lot of power waiting to get abused.
    Sounds like you have a pretty corrupt system on your hands. 

  7. Afrosheen Saren on

    ….. Faith in humanity has been vaporized by a super nova of an exploding
    star humanity shall never recover all hope is lost i have given up if you
    need me im going back to africa.

  8. Stikibits on

    The religion of anti-drug nutters seriously fucking the lives of harmless
    and productive people…again!

  9. Jason T Scott-West on

    I really don’t understand why people are not out there with torches and
    pitchforks. it’s 2014! We know prohibition doesn’t work! We know that the
    drug war infringes on our freedom! Yet we seem to not fucking care! Why
    doesn’t the jury in every marijuana case deem these people not guilty? We
    have that power! If we don’t think those laws that are in place are right
    then we can fight against them, even as a jury! Yet you never see that at
    all! People’s attitudes towards this is “that’s just how things are.” If
    our current society was around during the revolutionary war there would be
    no United States of America! PEOPLE STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS! 

  10. Rawbeard on

    how can you not be allowed to use facts to defend yourself in court outside
    of North Korea? I’m not even mad, that is actually amazing.

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