MMAR Coalition Volunteer Gathering Dab Session

Cronkite News 02/05/15
February 6, 2015
February 6, 2015

We try some Beard Brothers Shatter! Like my page on Facebook: ➜ https:// Follow me on Twitter: ➜ Follow me on Instagram…


  1. urbanremo says:
  2. Ras Tafari says:

    Thank you for fighting for people like me Remo it means a lot. Cheers and
    have a great week man!

  3. 420rgarcia says:

    I’m from Southern California and that shirt looks fire! Even the de waxed
    didn’t look like guppy soup like most dewaxed oil. Man respect to beard

  4. KTownJR & Sarah says:

    Mann Remo yur buddy is a shop-vac!!!!lol…Big Up to Beard extracts!!!!
    Check out my new uploads daily for all kinds of grow and cool stuff!!!!!

  5. 420rgarcia says:


  6. Medic SoRa says:

    Johnny B with the ninja dab lol 

  7. Drew Grow says:

    Remo are you going to the Cannabis Cup this weekend in San Bernardeno
    California ?

  8. What Needs To Be Said says:

    Uncle bob killed that dab!