Medicating Mondays Holiday Special


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Medicating Mondays Holiday SpecialWelcome to Season 3! New Products, New Strains & More! OverGrowSociety merchandise available NOW!!! LED lights & Grow Tent: D…

50 comments on “Medicating Mondays Holiday Special

  1. Dustin Nastally on

    Love the videos man! Happy holidays, can’t wait for the next video! I
    love the long ass medicating Mondays haha! I’m always a little bummed when
    it’s over. :)

  2. Gene Palmer on

    Grow420guide quick question how much well yeild estimate from your black
    grow box in your room? Thanks for your videos brotha stay medicated and
    happy holidays

  3. therealcodysampson on

    Cock blocked by LSP Lol that’s so fuck shit. Thanks for chillen bro. Your a
    big inspiration for me, keep up the great work yo!

  4. andyfibb on

    the lumpy space princess dude i remember watching ur LSP and thats
    everything in the recomended was that fat purple princeess cartoon bitch

  5. Joshua Gepner on

    Great Special! Hilarious story man. I watched it on my lunch break at work
    and you cracked me up. I’m working outside in 30º weather but you made my
    day better man.

  6. bigrowks on

    Lmfao..!! Great story. .I would of done the same thing. ..infact..I would
    of done it to everyone I recognize. .lmao..!! Good stuff.! Ur the

  7. lcc83 on

    led’s aren’t to good for clones from my experience, think the spectrum is
    off on nearly all of them out there right now, cfl’s out perform them

  8. skaterfreek12 on

    How long do you usually veg for? Also what would you say your average yield
    is for just one plant?

  9. tv76g on

    WTF!! What a fuck’n hilarious Medicating Monday!! Dude your Xmas story was
    funny as hell!! Also your bloopers at the end was great!! U should do the
    blooper thing after every video! Also I grew 2 plants in my PC box this
    year , not a lot of yield but it only got 3feet tall . from day one I put
    it on a 12/12 cycle to keep it short. Just a suggestion?? Love ya man!!

  10. vilaniol on

    have you never watched adventure time with finn and jake ?
    which is where lsp comes from

    DO IT!! really it is an awsome show .

  11. Brian Pattee on

    dude don’t quiet you job bro do vids and work , you know how hard it is
    to Get a job bro . jujst saying , Love and cannabis, peace

  12. Dale williamson on

    Dont quit your job just to make more youtube vids man, Always better to
    have 2 kinds of green in your life then one, Find that heathy balance :)

  13. Ronald Richardsonjr. on

    Awesome job!!!Continue to grow in your craft. If you need any help I can
    come out and set up with you.Give me a call 7135750701.

  14. Elmo Prankster on

    Dude I love your videos! Everytime I get a notification that there is a new
    video I get all excited! lol! keep it up 

  15. Brian Woolard on

    Is that the cloud or whatever its called? I’ve been seeing them all over in
    Seattle, I just was tired of wasting money on faulty products and needed
    some insight. If it is the one you have I’ll pick one up tomorrow from my
    local collective :)

  16. Justin Vilkoski on

    Root structure is a big part in micro grow. The smaller the space for roots
    to grow the smaller the plant will be

  17. CannabisKing503 on

    It’s jammed with wax lol. My electric bill went up $30 with a 600 watt, not
    terrible but I would love to get my hands on an led just for the hell of
    it. I’m sure it would cut the bill a bit. Cheers bro!

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