medical marijuana induction grow light!


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medical marijuana induction grow light!37 days into flower medical marijuana induction grow light! My Referral Link:

4 comments on “medical marijuana induction grow light!

  1. Thomas rivas on

    It’s not a big grow room about 4 maybe five plants I’m thinking I can use one 300w induction light and the led UFO I already have what do you think?

  2. deesnuts1965 on

    well your best to get 3 100watt bulbs then
    2@2700K and 1@6500K
    retrofit kits are your best bet.
    you can find 100watt retrofit kits for $130.00 each
    150 Watt Rectangle Induction Lamp $180.00 each
    but cfl’s would help the grow you have now with your ufo.
    for a few $ you could add two 23watt 2700K and one 23watt 6500K
    just I would get new cfl’s every 90-120 days. they just dont last.

  3. deesnuts1965 on

    Thank you.
    I like the indagrow induction split Kelvin but just need the bulb no hood.
    these bulbs last. (11+ years vegg )(20+ years 12/12 flower).
    you just need to find a suppler with the right K 2700/6500
    how big a grow do you want? bulbs sizes 40watt-400watt

  4. Thomas rivas on

    Very nice grow!! I was thinking about going led but looking at your grow induction light is looking way better

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