Medical Marijuana in California and Growing Laws! 10 points to best answer?

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Marijuana Growing
Shea asked:

Hey guys, so I have some questions. If you live in California and have a medical marijuana card can you legally grow weed? and if so how many plants can you have? Can minors get medical marijuana cards? And how can you get a license to grow? and if you have a license can you legally sell your home grown marijuana to a despansary and get money? Thanks!!!

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  1. Showtime 99 on

    LEGALLY, you have to buy from a place that sells it legally. ive never heard of a minor getting a card, (if you can, that would be sweet). everything else im not sure about.

  2. adirolffun on

    You can get a “permit” or license to grow up to 10′ x 10′ area for personal use. If you are going to sell it, you must sell it to a buyer or dispensary. There are rules for how much you can transport, as well as how much you can have for your own use. Remember, only a few counties allow it, and rules change from county to county. In all counties you must be over 18, and have a “condition” that may benifit from use. Also, these are state statutes, not federal.

  3. she is back! on

    i do see this guy pretty frequently in my gym, he told me he works at a medical marijuana clinic or office in Berkeley, next time i see him i will ask him then get back to you.
    people have been telling me they grow in their home with special lights with no problem. do you must have a license to grow?
    or go to China, i see those plants outside people’s window all the time, nobody cares. (maybe they don’t know what it is.)

  4. Dorian V on

    1. If you have a medical marijuana card in the state of California, you can legally grow up to 6 plants. The plants can only be up to a certain height (about 3 feet), though. You can push for more, but you need a doctors recommendation for such a thing, as well as permission from the state.

    2. Minors are not allowed to get medical marijuana cards. There are a few exceptions depending on their conditions, but they need parental permission, and the parent needs to be with them in order to buy from a dispensary.

    3. To get a growers license, it all depends on your background. If you have a record, then you are probably not going to be eligible for a license. You need a sound reason to have a growers license to begin with–if you plan to sell what you grow, it is a felony unless you have the legal documents in which you are classified as a business (i.e. dispensary, delivery service, etc).

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