Medical Marijuana Grow Room 1st update AutoFlowers

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March 29, 2013
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March 29, 2013

Medical Marijuana Grow Room 1st update AutoFlowersJust a quick tour of the 3000 watt medical autoflower room. In this room there is 7 DP Think Different 10 Auto Wappa, some MOB, Super Skunk Barneys Farm Blue…


  1. wyatt smith says:

    the SS and MOB will be vegging the whole time the auto’s are growing out then they will be placed outdoors for a  grow with large plants

  2. wyatt smith says:

    first time ever doing video so sorry it is shitty and short for some reason wont let me go over 2:10

  3. MarijuanaWorks says:

    Nice clean room and well designed. Props!