Medical Marijuana grow day 4 week 1 (what grow420guide is about)

Foliar Dipping of Marijuana Clones: Marijuana Growing Tips
January 30, 2012
Michigan medical marijuana indoor grow room
January 30, 2012

Medical Marijuana grow day 4 week 1 (what grow420guide is about)This is a completely legal grow, I do not condone growing without a medical marijuana card! (prop 215) In this video I show the two baby seedlings that sprouted a couple days ago, the strains are green crack and purple extreme. The other 3 pots should be sprouting within a day or 2 if they do not im going to do another germinating video and germ more seeds. I also wanted to tell everyone a little something about grow420guide and let everyone know what to expect in these videos ill be posting dai


  1. Grow420Guide says:

    @MrSOUNDBLAST Thanks for the subscription, Ill be posting videos at least every other day updating the grow.

  2. MrSOUNDBLAST says:

    what is the glass water tick for the germinating the seeds? pm me

  3. Mystyle99ful says: