Medical Marijuana grow day 4-8 week 2

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February 4, 2012
Growing Medical Marijuana 6
February 4, 2012

Medical Marijuana grow day 4-8 week 2This is a completely legal grow, I do not condone growing without a medical marijuana card! (prop 215) This video is an update video to my legal medical marijuana grow. My plants are now 8 days old, 1 week and 1 day. This is a follow up with extra close up shots to their progress. Thanks for watching, Subscribe and Like for more grow updates!! Music by: Darkis Knite Song: 16 bars 8 bit (Feat. JettD) Produced by: JettD Album: Legends of the Hidden Tempo “21 Bottles of Years on the Wall” Download


  1. GanjaGrower11 says:

    damm dude ur babies are looking really good got a new update yiu should check it out

  2. Tucsongrower says:

    check out my videos