Medical Grow Room Build pt 4

Reserva Privada – Cotton Candy Kush Day 60 2000 watt
August 20, 2012
Outdoor Medical Marijuana Growing Lesson 3
August 21, 2012

Medical Grow Room Build pt 4well im out of material for now to finish it off here. 80% done now. im aiming for the end of the month to begin flower in this new room.


  1. seymournuggets says:

    LOL @ 5:01 mee too~

  2. SuperGreenAcres says:

    ..hey.,,thx buddy.

  3. paddletramping says:

    Huge room going to be niceeee

  4. BlessedGanja says:

    looking good brother!!!

  5. bongblasts says:

    this is amazing. gj bro

  6. ARTnSKIN says:

    rooms looking very nice, good job!!

  7. 420pimpdotcom2 says:

    damn, I think I’m getting jealous. That is gonna be really nice when its done

  8. jackdulaney86 says:

    god damn dude you weren’t fucking around you built one nice room there

  9. westcoastolds442 says:

    looking good super keep up the good work

  10. theroortoker says:

    holy shit! waaaaayyyy better than the shitty little set up i have going in my attic lol

  11. SuperGreenAcres says:

    …thx, not to bad fpor a stoner