Medical Cannabis Grow Room Build


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Medical Cannabis Grow Room Build

23 comments on “Medical Cannabis Grow Room Build

  1. Simpleton2000 on

    no need to be condescending just trying to share my experience just like you brother. light and co2? i was guessing at what leaks you were referring to in your first response. if you check out that moisture test i think thats fairly applicable in our situation, say no to slime lol. Gorilla, I use it love it and its cheaper at every home depot. as for cost. 2 zippers and a fold of panda, call it a day. You have a way that works for you, thats great! Have a nice day and be well.

  2. Simpleton2000 on

    I respect that, you gotta work with what your comfortable with and what works for your budget. Have a nice day 🙂

  3. SuperGreenAcres on

    a hatter had an issue i guess so he ratted about my content. its in apeal so now they have to say what the offense was so it may expose the rat. funny cause ive had way worse vids. i kinda thought that one was more family friendly as their so called guidlines say….lol

  4. SuperGreenAcres on

    tried them all and dont last as long as the silver for me. 2 zippers wont roll up. needs 3 then you have leaks as they dont join together, thought of that years ago

  5. Simpleton2000 on

    Hey dude, Gorilla tape is super solid for using with black and white poly. Its like they become one lol. Obviously not reflective, but super durable. Great for collars, corners, floor areas etc. Also if you rig up 2 zippers you can roll a whole door up rather then tripping over the slit entry all the time.
    Be well

  6. Simpleton2000 on

    Check it
    ww m/technology/gadgets /tests/4306415

    Guessing your talking about CO2 and light leaks. if you leave a flap at the bottom that you can fold over from the outside it will take care of that. or a piece of velcro to your bottom piece or frame. 2 works just great for doors for me. 1 on either side left and right, roll up from floor. Slit door is pain! when you cut them take your time to make it straight so it doesn’t pull off like that. be well.

  7. 5lightbox on

    Great Videos man, really like to see what néw things you have going, and to hear what you have to say, great ideas and great help. Will be letting ppl know about your channel. Will have lots of questions for you in the future as well, so keep a eye out for me. Thanks. First comment to and I know you will get more. Good luck and always Happy Growing.

  8. SuperGreenAcres on

    im not sayin its crap either. just not worth my effort to try and find it near me and travel to get it and more money and time. seems a bit of an effort to just go in the room with flaps and velcros holding it together…shits not cheep around here

  9. SuperGreenAcres on

    didnt test it in a grow room with high heat and humidity and movement. need to test with all factors, not 1 at a time. not to sure how many popular mechanic authors run grow rooms. little diff in real life applications than a lab test. not sure what co2 and light leaks have in common., no 2 diff subjects and reasons. for the cost of all them zippers and flaps and stuff id make a real door out of wood for about same cost. overthinking here. its not that complicated. im fine way it is

  10. SuperGreenAcres on

    not that im comfortable..its all thats here, so i have no choice but to use whats available.

  11. SuperGreenAcres on

    pm is powdery mildew. the tents zippers ddnt work anymore and just had some many pm and buds in it over the years and sprays its time to shut it down to elliminate more risks of it spreading to more crops. its cost me to much. it reflects more than the old worn out tent did. compared to the other shiney plastic, i dont know yet

  12. SuperGreenAcres on

    tried most, already been said and they dont stick like silver. duct tape sucks the most.,this is tuc…different. commercial construction grade. around here there s nothing better,

  13. jacktheripppa on

    Nice build out dude. I really appreciate how you share your real world trial and error progression with things. It pushes me think more critically with problem prevention and solutions myself. Excited to see you run Kenny’s gear.

  14. DATkushsmoke on

    lmao! Canadian Tire speacial, ive been subbed for a while never knew you lived in my neck of the woods

  15. perfektolisem on

    what does pm meen ? . why dont you use your tent no more ? does the new set up reflekt more ligth ?

  16. floydit2009 on

    There really are some dumb ass users on here, Got to admit like your style, if you dont know you find out and you know some good shit, Dont understand why there are so many haters on here not just you there are a few other growers who have to put up with the same crap, Any how keep um coming bud…

  17. SuperGreenAcres on

    ya never did get all the hate. oh well. have to expect some with some of my subjects or what i say sometimes. realy doesnt get under my skin

  18. kingcheefa420 on

    White duct tape works good with the panda film. Found a cheaper brand was stickier then duct brand. but keeps a clean white look n helps reflect light. Better then that red tape.

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