Medi-Bud Strain Marijuana Grow Room–2000w Hydro Veg Room

Medicinal Marijuana Ethnography
May 9, 2012
Another Beautiful Grow From Cyco Nutrients
May 9, 2012

Medi-Bud Strain Marijuana Grow Room--2000w Hydro Veg RoomThe MEDIBUD are 10 days out of the clone tray. The mother plants i speak of and you see in the video are “Tutankhamon” from the attitude seed bank. It is a Ak47 hydrid and a very strong hearty plant. im anxious to get em chopped up and cloned for the next crop. (at :30 i say 21 medibuds… actually 20 medibuds and 1 green love potion also at 1:00 im talking about THC levels at over 25%. thats for the tutankhamon not the medibud)

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