Master Bong – How to make The Pumpkin Bong


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Master Bong - How to make The Pumpkin Pipe | ganga | weed | pot smoke | medical marijuana | bubbler | water bong | indica | sativa | cannabis| 420 | THC | Marijuana growing | pipes | pothead | reefer | cannibus | pot weed | smoking | I was going to wait to release this but I couldn’t help myself, so here it is…brought to you by popular demand…the moment you all have been waiting for…The Pumpkin Bong

19 comments on “Master Bong – How to make The Pumpkin Bong

  1. apodacable on

    Hey jus wondering you ever burn the fro when you lite up? Cus I have long hair and it’s a pain in the ass lighting my short pipe.

  2. GrandMasterPotSmoker on

    @apodacable right there with u bro.i used to have bangs but now i kinda slick my hair back.anyways my suggestion to you is when u hit the pipe, hit it upwards so that way the bowl is on the very top and where u hit from is on the now u wont have to burn ur hair,depending on how ur hair is

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