Marijuana is only growing one to three leaves instead of five to eleven is it normal?

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September 4, 2010
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September 4, 2010
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scangineer asked:

They are clones and were started under florescent lights for a month then transplanted to high Spectrum Halide. The bottom leaves look normal but it’s growing leaves with one to three leaves instead of five. And it’s starting to bud. I’ve never encountered this. Is it okay? Should I do something about it or leave it alone?


  1. RAWR says:

    hmm i think u should leave it- see what becomes of it? if you mess w it now, it might ruin the ‘crop’. hahah good luck

  2. Redeye Jedi says:

    Pictures would of helped more, but otherwise even though its sounds strange, dont think theres anything you should worry about. I reckon you probably could of just started your flowering cycle tto soon, as from a clone it can take a while for the lady to grow into full development. Dont know what else to say as cant picture what you talking about, but wouldnt worry too much, cos if your plant is budding, you know shes still alive.