Marijuana Indoor Female

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July 28, 2011
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July 29, 2011

Marijuana Indoor FemaleGrowing my marijuana plant indoor/outdoor but here is my indoor setup im not shure if the small one is a male or female… same with the More mature The tall one is female! Give me some feed back on what you think and on how im doing with my plant..


  1. Bomhilsnotcountries says:

    Niceee i like your indoor setup..

  2. sirsmokealotSD says:

    @mackie947 fasho homes aha

  3. socalhippie420 says:

    plants look ok man!!what type of grow medium and nutes are you feedin them?!!!

  4. mackie947 says:

    nice setup , i’m a first grower please check my clips and comment !

  5. bigdicbaster says:

    just buy the right light so it wont take so long to grow look at my video