Marijuana Growing

Medicinal Marijuana day 1 of week 2 flower. Advanced Nutrients grow.
March 27, 2012
A Norml Life (2011)
March 28, 2012

Marijuana Growingthis is the big plant i have grow recently , i want to know if it is a male or female , and what can i do with it , i have other plants growing and i have more seeds , it’s like my first experiences and i would be more than glad to learn from you guys , so plz wanna hear from experts only . good luck with your plants…


  1. MistaRoburtz says:

    Zoom in closer on the flowers.
    i can barely tell. get REALLY close.
    it LOOKS like a male but it has a female flower pattern, so take soem pictures and upload that

  2. MarijuanaLegality says:

    i will add a new video that show it more close ; and thnx in advance