Marijuana Growing Vertical LED CCxSD IBL


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46 comments on “Marijuana Growing Vertical LED CCxSD IBL

  1. SeedBankReviews on

    man you’re tellin me lol
    i have tried every setting under the sun with my camera but a new camera after these promos will fix my lighting and quality issues.

  2. SuperFishgeek on

    Wuddup Youtube , Youtube Wuddup, I’m diggin then girls you have there , are you also running Co2 in that tent?

  3. BOYOK Arañas on

    thats cool LED set up homie wish i can see the frost more nice vid very informative

  4. SeedBankReviews on

    it doesn’t, I just have to approve all comments before they appear. I get alot of led haters and spam here and there

  5. Bryan B on

    I am loving the LED lights. I am slowly learning how to build them and love to hear any advice from anyone who has made their own using parts from eBay. Send me a msg please.

  6. Bryan B on

    Will do. I hadn’t thought about documenting the process, but that’s a great idea. Still learning but the project has high priority.

  7. buzworthy1 on

    Cool led grow. Not too many people like them but you’re proving that they are worth it.

  8. smokesalotjohnny on

    i would love some led’s but i cant afford them…do you know anything about using the par38 flood lamps. i know it would mainly be all blue light spectrum. but they are relatively cheap…please let me know and if you get a chance look at my little purple urkle lady…….its all cfl

  9. deesnuts1965 on

    Back when I was looking for what might work best for growing the grow stores would say that leds are junk.
    I tell them about Tesla’s induction light and how long it last.
    man I tell ya they just dont want long lasting lights.
    just like fertilizers, can’t find any grow store that carry Alaska more bloom 

  10. brianj123458 on

    And do you get more growing verdical or dose just spread the light to lower branches peace

  11. SeedBankReviews on

    for me there is yield wise, for personal 1-4 tent or 1-4 light growers it is a great switch especially with the ebills. I got a 20% credit on my ebill just from switching to leds due to my use being so much lower compared to pre-led.

  12. DerpDerpity420 on

    Nice set-up Aardvark. I hope I can get there someday. Keep up the good work. Peace!

  13. SeedBankReviews on

    This is my first led vertical grow. I have done vertical hps grows as well as stadium multi 1k hps on light mover grows before as well.

    I like not having to deal with canopy management and I think since leds don’t have a wide light spread hitting them sideways vert wise is a great method.

    I have ideas to get lights on the sides and on the top ( with a light mover ) but that is still in the works.

  14. SeedBankReviews on

    When my new camera gets here with the white balance fixed things will be much better. With the blue and other leds on or not it still comes out red,blue,purple etc.

    In the next picture / video update there will be pics however with the girls in their natural light. I try not to mess with the girls as far as pulling them in/out for pics once they start stacking.

  15. brianj123458 on

    Are you talking about secondary lighting I believe I will run some secondary lights in flower peace

  16. SeedBankReviews on

    that is really cool, I am just not a diy guy and like to just set it and forget it especially with electronics BUT please let me know when you get vids of the diy panel up and running.

  17. SeedBankReviews on

    there are a few out there but it isn’t specifically led haters but rather those who hate anything different than what they are doing (-;

  18. Thomas rivas on

    can you turn off the led lights and show us how they look in a more blue or white light to see how they look with out the red led lights??

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