marijuana growing cfl 75watt (1 week and 1 day) part 1 (personal use)

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March 22, 2012
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March 22, 2012

marijuana growing cfl 75watt (1 week and 1 day) part 1 (personal use)first time growing pot 4 cfls one is 15 watt second is 18 watt third is 21 and fourth 21 watt =equilevant 420watt 😀 one plant only (for personal use)


  1. psytrance725 says:

    i hope will be female !

  2. IrritantZomBsKSquad says:

    Not saying much. Kush or no Kush got nothin to do in whether or not it turns out to be female. Would be a pisser if that plant turned out to be a male – all that attention and effort would be nothing more than a learning experience and nothing to smoke but leaf. If smokin the leaf is all you’re after – maybe it will be of some use to you.

  3. IrritantZomBsKSquad says:

    That plant isn’t going to be much (personal) use to you if it winds up being a male plant. Good luck.

  4. IrritantZomBsKSquad says:

    Growing only one plant offers little hope that it will be a female if you figure a “rule of thumb” percentage of 50/50 of cannabis plants turn out to be one sex or the other…unless you started with “feminized” seed.

  5. psytrance725 says:

    the seed is from a very nice kush!:p