Marijuana Grow Room Rebuild

June 21, 2012
Medimike -Medical grow room
June 21, 2012

Marijuana Grow Room RebuildRemember to enter the 1000W HPS GIVEAWAY


  1. todizzle666 says:

    They should sell the caps for those lights at ur hydro store or you could make some  thing but i think it would be around the same price

  2. todizzle666 says:

    Never mind i went back and now i remember what u gotta do to enter

  3. MediFarmer420 says:

    nice vid man, hey just a suggestion, you may want to cover the vent holes on your hoods due to light loss, get all the light reflecting downwards and avoid losing any out the sides. just an idea, thanks for what you do OMMP…keep it green brother

  4. moretoit123 says:

    Home depot has duct covers 5$ just a cap that goes on the end nice vid.. Been subbed sense ur first video on ur other chan. Much love

  5. Bloodyfisted says:

    How do i enter the 1000w HPS giveaway?! that’s the missing key to my grow room!

  6. ibullpitt says:

    I liked it.

  7. OkieDokieFarm says:

    Nice job on the room and the video !

  8. HelpfulGrower says:

    Thank you all for the thumbs up and nice comments. You guys are the best!!!

  9. HelpfulGrower says:

    thanks man. do you have a suggestion on what to use?

  10. HelpfulGrower says:

    lol omg you remeber that. i blew up that ac the first day lol

  11. MediFarmer420 says:

    it suggest some sort of an air filter possibly?? so air can still flow through, yet will keep the light in, or even just get some vent clamps and im sure they sell covers for ducting etc..just clsmp something like that..jjust an idea

  12. todizzle666 says:

    i forgot what you wanted to enter this one? Did the temps get alot hotter in there without the air cooled ?

  13. HelpfulGrower says:

    watch my last video titled 1000W HPS+MORE Give Away!!!

  14. todizzle666 says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting the nutes and stuff your giving away i just recently got some seeds and only have like a half quart or tiger bloom and big bloom very little of that and i did go check out the couple of hydro stores around me like you said but they dont get samples for some reason and i dont have much loot. so i could really use them and finally got some seeds worth growing

  15. HopesHigh420 says:

    No shit I finally got the first view 🙂 good vid man ive seen you come a very long ways I still remember the the window ac unit with the wood box around it for the garage before it was finished

  16. HelpfulGrower says:


  17. HelpfulGrower says:

    its Rebelution and SOJA

  18. FreedomToChoose84 says:

    PS I remember that box on wheels too homie..haha then u tried to hang the box..

  19. HelpfulGrower says:

    about 4 weeks still and yes its day 22 thats amazing that your keeping up! you rock!

  20. Pakalolohui says:

    Best video editing yet. Nice Job!!! You said pics have to be sent by the end of harvest correct? Today is day 22 in flower, no? For those that do not know, about how much time is left to submit pics???I’ve been waiting on the weather to take my pic., been pretty breezy over here.

  21. HelpfulGrower says:

    i hear ya man. make sure you enter to win

  22. HelpfulGrower says:

    @FrankLucasH2O hey man im sorry i wanted to remove and edit to response to your comment and i accidentally removed yours i tried to email you but you have contact block on.

  23. SuddenEden says:

    Holy Fuck…do a “build a room” give away!!! lol…I am in need of a skilled construction worker who will SHUT THEIR PIE HOLE about what I need a secret room for… ; )

  24. todizzle666 says:

    sweet a new video

  25. HelpfulGrower says:

    it was about 5* hotter. Watch my last video for all the info on the contest. (basically email me a unique picture) but watch to do it right.

  26. HelpfulGrower says:


  27. FreedomToChoose84 says:

    Oh shit son just made a sign DC -3 OMMPGROwer and about to hop on the metro into the heart of the USA…ps I’ll be near the Vietnam wall if anyone ever wants a rubbing of a lost ones name please don’t hesitate to ask…it would be an honor to pass on from one vet to another

  28. HelpfulGrower says:

    lol hahahahahahahaha that shit was dumb…but smart……………but dumb

  29. Willydano31 says:

    Do you really sing that song?? I like that track

  30. no36t says:


  31. HelpfulGrower says:

    that is cool man and that is very kind of you to offer to help people.