Marijuana Grow Books

Legal Green Bag
February 22, 2012
Filthy Rich – “Legal Green Bag”
February 23, 2012

Marijuana Grow BooksMy marijuana grow book collection. i know alot about growing the cannabis plant so if you got questions i got your answers peace : )


  1. FrankieKato149 says:

    Where did u get the books from?
    Whats the websites? U forgot to add that part

  2. 1991crunkmonk says:

    @TheFrazierjon92 yup ; )

  3. 1991crunkmonk says:

    @FrankieKato149 didnt get them from any website buddy dont assume random shit lol i bought them over the years from differnt glass bong/pipe store’s

  4. TheFrazierjon92 says:

    Kool vid bro! A must have.