Marijuana Carbon Footprint

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Marijuana Carbon FootprintA researcher says growing pot indoors consumes about 1% all of the electricity in the United States each year. Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure and Wes Clark discuss. Subscribe: TYT Mobile: On Facebook: On Twitter: FREE Movies(!): Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: Read Cenk’s Blog:

50 comments on “Marijuana Carbon Footprint

  1. WoblynBoytown on

    @4lifejackhammer actually totally not a hippie! More of a reformed hippie turned urbanite. don’t even smoke pot haha. (unless it’s Christmas or something!) Somethings just make sense I guess. It’s just a plant. Why is there so many rules? Why can’t do just do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else?

  2. skategeezer99 on

    The reason for the disparity in the numbers is that most electricity for grow operations is stolen.

  3. busboysanalogy on

    @DJpopel – People tend to hate what they fail to understand; even a modest education (for you) would go a long way.

    Shanking someone is a pretty serious & violent act. I’m sure a scared little toad like you couldn’t do it. Growing up in a neighborhood where I saw two friends killed in gang violence, and having a friend in Pelican Bay for murder. I don’t need a limp-wristed weasel to explain the randomness of violence.

    Random violence is a potential we all face in a sometimes dangerous world.

  4. MrChewymentos on

    This study is completely bogus!!! However if 5 billion a year is true for electricity usage, then its reasonable to say that the Marijuana industry isnt loosing money like these buffoons claimed… DO FUCKING RESEARCH!!! Socal alone prolly makes a billion or two in sales each year!!! the whole country makes 10 or 20 times that!!!

  5. SantaIsBitchin on

    @rob76o1 ok thankyou ill put off for a few more years because I did it occasionally when I was 14 but I am fine, I was paranoid my rents where gonna find out. witch they did hahah

  6. romanmir01 on

    Anna can’t help herself, she wants to “regulate” everything.

    Anna, regulate yourself.

  7. rob76o1 on

    @SantaIsBitchin you prob had a bad trip because you smoked to much nothing happens besides paranoia, overload of the truth is what i think….. and no there is no long term effects when it comes to marijuana unless you started smoking when you were a child, before the age of 14 since you’re brain would be still developing, prob not a good idea to put cannabinoids in your body when your brain hasn’t fully developed the cannabinoid system yet

  8. drunkrtard on

    @busboysanalogy Well, you’re not citing scientific research, you’re citing an article from the NIDA. If you cannot see the bias in their articles you’re simply uneducated about the subject. Also, I don’t smoke weed, nice assumption though.

  9. Hawkcelpa on

    @dankshasta you are a moron. You don’t use pesticides at all when in doors you should only use nutrient solution (preferably organic) in a contained water basin into a CLEANROOM. growing weed takes a lot of work you dumb fuck. Don’t just throw in seed and expect a fire ass plant to come up in a few months. You have to protect it from absolutely everything! You need to educate yourself before you speak.

  10. busboysanalogy on

    @drunkrtard With a budget of $26.4 billion/year, the NIH is the world’s foremost leader of biomedical and health research. Get your head out of your ass, stop the elicit drugs, and move out of your mom’s basement.

    For your edification: the mechanism of cannabinoid receptors is elucidated in this article:

    “Receptors and Channels Targeted by Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists and Antagonists” (Pertwee 2010) If you don’t have access to published articles, let me know and I’ll send the PDF.

  11. TotalBogie on


    Sadly we’ll probably never know since the article wasn’t published but people will still hear the number and make all sorts of crazy inferences. I’m also kind of surprised at Clark’s figure for the profit of the industry. Only 2 – 3 billion?! give me a break, there’s no way it’s that low. He’s correct in the assertion that those numbers compared to each other don’t make a profit but therefor one or both of those numbers has to be wrong.

  12. busboysanalogy on

    @drunkrtard Thanks for editing my work.

    What you fail to realize and what I will now reveal is that drug use by medical researchers, such as marijuana, mirrors the general population. Hence there’s no anti-weed agenda. Scientific researcher has only one agenda: the truth. Any scientist caught forging data is discredited. The validity of research is judged on a case-by-case basis.

    Conspiracy theorists like you are as common as flatulence, but when it come to producing facts they are taciturn.

  13. blazeveryday6996 on

    funny … i grow .. and i dont require any electriccity .. i just require .. HUMAN ENERGY .. outdoor ftw .. .california

  14. CollegeGrower on

    Cannabis as opposed to the majority of other drugs out there is not a narcotic but rather a natural occurring organic substance. This means that the process of manufacturing marijuana (growing) actually means reduces carbon emissions instead of contributing to it. Ecstacy, Crystal Meth, Cocaine and other drugs are narcotics which are synthesized, the process of making these drugs significantly harm the environment and the people that use them.

  15. linalovesyou on

    According to Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market ( a book) by Eric Schlosser, marijuana sales are more like 24 billion dollars a year, a little more than what is grossed by the corn crop. So I’d say marijuana is pretty profitable.

  16. drunkrtard on

    @busboysanalogy They have a large budget, therefore what they say must be true. Great logic. It’s illicit btw.

  17. SantaIsBitchin on

    I want to smoke weed all the time but im scared that marijuana can make you a bit slower, like it permanently affect your brain? like I have had a bad trip befor like I felt weird for like 3 days I smoked hydro like 5 cones of it I am only 15 and I am just curious like why I had a bad trip and if it really can make people crazy?

  18. Dankshasta on

    The panel you guy’s had was terrible. Well meaning I’m sure but terrible. If it were legal you’d see much more people outside. There are NO light bulbs made that can outperform our sun. (and it’s free) Another place you were very wrong was the pesticides. Indoors most people use even MORE pesticides, because in a controlled greenhouse you create an environment where insect pests thrive many times better than even the plants. I only know this from living in California, and seeing LEGAL grows.

  19. farronx on

    You almost gotta wish that Ana’s dim wittiness could be blamed on smoking pot; but I guess that would be a buzz kill. The ditzy California thing has worn off now;time to let Jenk off the hook for that blow job so he can get another female in there.

  20. thereinliestherib on

    @imorriso1 Which of course, is counter to historical and economic fact. In every instance, legalization has increased overall demand, while pushing legitimate growers back underground because of prohibitive regulatory and other costs. Many Cali growers have actually gotten out of the business because of legalization. Enjoy your thirty minute escape from reality, because one day you’ll wake up to see the blood on your hands. But it’s okay, because brown people don’t matter anyway, right?

  21. acronus on

    Actually, Pot sales in the U.S are around $35 billion.
    I can’t find a statistic to show what percentage is indoor vs outdoor.
    But, if even just a quarter of that is grown indoor, that’s still almost $9 billion worth of the sales.

  22. ciderspy on

    I seen a study, with mathematics. Marijuana is worth two thousand percent more then 9.9kwh for electric.

  23. JediMasterFisher on

    Government should not be regulating pot if people want to smoke that shit then let them grow it themselves

  24. MLFreese on

    Many growers who produce large quantities of weed will use excessive amounts of lighting for the amount of plants they are growing (inefficient lighting at that) because they tamper with their meters.

  25. busboysanalogy on

    @drunkrtard It’s not my job to find citations to support your flimsy claims. And any moron or conspiracy nut-job can assert that the NIH is corrupt, but where’s your proof? Get an education and kick the weed habit or get use to the idea that you’ll be stacking †ampons at the Walmart until the day you retire and go on the welfare rolls… you loser 🙂

  26. thereinliestherib on

    @imorriso1 I was just pointing out the absurdity of baby-boomer lefties who are pro-pot but refuse to accept the outcome of their economic choices. If you smoke pot, like it or not, but you are directly funding the drug war in Mexico. It’s really no different than buying blood diamonds. But I love how the liberal media just skips over that imminent reality.

  27. orchoose on

    for wes and annas info indoor plant r mostly better quality because you can control enviroment… but i dont know what shit u smoke in U.S.:D

    michael : if it would be legal most ppl would grow it indoor because land isnt cheap? FAIL:D considering that indoor aparature isnt cheat eighter as well as el. power on the other side sun is cheap. michael fail on the top of fail.

  28. IloveJesusYesId0 on

    @playboy6545 A bigger brain.

    Other dude was like, “dur it costs more to grow it outside”

    Is he literally mentally handicapped? That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

    Why shouldn’t the land be donated by the government?

    Other dude Mhmmed to that retarded statement as well..


  29. mrmelo25 on

    Simply allowing citizens to grow as much cannabis as needed for medicine or recreation will immediately stop sending cash to illegal foreign cartels. How do we not know that this ridiculous effort to eradicate a harmless plant has caused the U.S. economy to stall. It’s a huge sum of money; where does it go?

  30. blazeveryday6996 on

    this girls a fuggen joke …. she has no idea what shes talknig about ….. lol whata stupid video

  31. CollegeGrower on

    “you would have to grow cannabis indoors to save cost because if you grew it outdoors the land cost would be too expensive to be worthwhile” The most essential part of growing marijuana is light and the environment, it would not be difficult to have the farmers replace their crops with marijuana, flood the market which would decrease the price, Marijuana is grown indoors only because of the fact thats its illegal, you can still obtain a quality product with outdoor farms.

  32. drunkrtard on

    @busboysanalogy You realize you weren’t citing scientific research right? You posted and article by the National Institue for Drug Abuse. To think that they don’t have an anti-drug agenda is ridiculous.

  33. DJpopel on


    Dude I dont hate you because I dont understand you, get over yourself. YOu basically told yer fucking life story here, and that coupled with your opinions makes it obvious yer a fucking cunt. Reason enough-

    And i didnt say i was gonna shank you, I said i hope someone does, you fucking bitch. I dont know if i could put a blade through meat, Havent had to yet thnk god, but i would fucking shoot you in the face without batting an eye if i could get away with it. ohand FUCKYERFRIEND

  34. imorriso1 on

    @thereinliestherib Wow. I was hoping for an honest, thoughtful, reasonable conversation, but if all you’re interested in is insulting me and painting my position up as a ridiculous straw man, that’s obviously not what’s going to happen.

    Then again, that’s what I get for arguing in youtube comments. You’d think I’d know better by now. Sorry for wasting your time.

  35. DJpopel on

    Why are you guys always speculating about things you have no understanding of (guerilla growing f.e.) Why dont you go through the trouble of asking an expert instead of just randomly throwing around your uninformed opinions.

    Everytime you people say carbon footprint i feel like putting my footprint in someones face.


    Fuck you you smarmy asshole. I hope someone randomnly shanks you because of something completely unrelated and your entire priviledged, pathetic life is destroyed.

  36. busboysanalogy on

    @drunkrtard Seminal research on cannabinoid receptors is over 20 years old; scientific understanding of these receptors is well known & unambiguous. Given the large body of evidence on cannabinoid receptors one needn’t cite original research; it’s tantamount to citing Jenner every time you discuss vaccines.

    Ref: Howlett and Devane (1988) and Miles Herkenham (1990) for early works on cannabinoid receptors.

    I cited NIH so you’d know the origin of the reference data.

    You’re still a loser

  37. ndawgtkd on

    The host on the right (Michael?) seems to mumble a lot, can we get a microphone closer to his face? Pretty annoying having to turn my speakers up to hear 1 person then getting blasted when the next person speaks.

  38. MrChewymentos on

    This is a bit misinformed… The reason people grow indoors is definitely for security purposes to some extent, but that is definitely the least of your worries… These people have absolutely no education on marijuana, the way its grown, or anything to do with the statistics on how much is sold each year…. Dale Geiringer of California NORML estimates the total US to be 30-50 Billion, and that still might not be enough!!! USELESS video!!! PEOPLE GROW INDOORS TO GET 6 HARVESTS A YEAR, duh!!!

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