March 22 veg update

HydroLock_Nanoplymer Demonstration
March 23, 2015
Flower day 50 and day 18 with sun system lec 315w
March 23, 2015

Got a little more room in the veg.


  1. Connoisseur Panda says:

    Everything looks great

  2. Angie LupusLife says:

    looking great

  3. Jam Packed says:

    veg garden looking spectacular man keep it up peace&love
    just sent yu a pm

  4. diesel04927 says:

    March 22 veg update:

  5. MILK MAN says:

    I seen the white hairs, looking very nice in your garden ! MILKM@N(oYo)

  6. tru bushdr says:

    Always lookin good bro. Keep it up…