MA DPH Medical Marijuana Hearings, April 19th, Boston!

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April 8, 2013
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April 8, 2013

MA DPH Medical Marijuana Hearings, April 19th, Boston!https:// The Draft regs are out and they are ridiculously restrictive, bad for patients.


  1. peace2012ization says:

    How many caregivers are in poverty?
    to get the grow license you MUST be poor, on Mass Healt or SSI.

  2. Mass Vocals says:

    my own doctor will find the registration requirements and education propaganda The DPH is spewing as marijuana to be addicting and having to file your name on the record for addicting drugs will set up most for legal issue as to driving , guns , employment , these regulation as written to further the government agenda The law has been used we may need to bring a law suit due to the restriction

  3. Mass Vocals says:

    The regulations Have NO fees ??????stated The regulation require doctors to be register with DPH as class and be told that marijuana is addicting  , and signs The MMTC are required restricted too there own supplies The good standard is the marijuana must be organic , all children are basically bar ,under a have two doctors agreement The police get open searches video 24 :7 a grow must follow suit ALL medical marijuana law has done is allow prohibitionist restrictive run

  4. matthewmayer1 says:

    Mike CANN is that your recommendation at 7:19?

  5. Mass Vocals says:

    anyone who has a note and has file it and is legal right now in Massachusetts and hates the regs please contact me we need to hire a lawyer and file law suit as the regs have gone beyond reason and the law intention I need 10 people at least i will include all however

  6. peace2012ization says:

    can’t grow unless you are poor. How many are 130% of the poverty levels?

  7. Mass Vocals says:

    run –of our lives liberty and rights and to continue the war endangering the sick
    even the regulation to home grown allow open search in ones home the regs read live open submission for federal prosecution who will come to subpena such records on MMTC and homes for federal prosecution there no protection . further Mass CANN and NORML should call for a formal protest on the very day of 19 in all location holding signs and handing out left-lets we do not fix the regs.  we r screwed