LP Spotlight: MariCann’s Flowering Room (Strain by Strain, Episode 2)

LP Spotlight: MariCann’s Sea of Green Under the Sun (Episode One)
November 19, 2014
trees – Wed Nov 19 01:54:07 EST 2014
November 19, 2014

In part two of this series, Cannabis in Canada has an exclusive look inside the LP MariCann and a tour from their head grower, Derek. You won’t find this kind of access anywhere else. Find…


  1. crookyist says:

    No way in this world does the proper shishkaberry flower in 5 and half

  2. Cannabis In Canada says:
  3. vsqzr says:

    THIS is my dream job. Can’t wait until I finish my horticulture degree.

  4. LeavesOfGrass100 says:

    isn’t no way that plant is done in 5 1/2 weeks?????

  5. AZ4MMJ says:

    Corporate Cartels is what the end result of legalization on the governments
    terms will bring.The governments will strip us of our right to grow and
    force their government sanctioned Corporate Cartel cannabis on us. As
    beautiful a sight as green house full of cannabis plants is if a government
    stops individual citizens from doing the same then true legalization has
    not been achieved. We must have legalization on our terms not theirs.
    Please read all legalization props/initiatives very carefully if we can’t
    grow our own cannabis then why vote yes? That will only give a Corporate
    Cartel our rights and leave everyone at the mercy of a soulless entity that
    knows no mercy only greed.

  6. ‎George Jung says:

    profit driven. they pull them too early. “we’ve been growing this for
    years…what is it again?”…lmao…give me a physical break.

  7. crookyist says:

    But great video love sea all that weed peace Jason 

  8. Cannabis In Canada says:
  9. trevorstrutt1 says:

    and true g13 is only nine weeks max this is a joke

  10. trevorstrutt1 says:

    lmfa 6 and a half weeker five and a half weeker so buncha premature
    bullshit garbage ..so disgusting that your advertiseing for them on one end
    and fighting them on the other lol..these people are clearly ripping off
    there patients with premature bud

  11. blite13 says:

    Government grower? EXPENSIVE

  12. yoshi kagetora says:

    Blue OG, Great meds!
    Lost that strain in the raid on our medical garden