LIVE! with dino yo!


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LIVE! with dino yo!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam! please keep

50 comments on “LIVE! with dino yo!

  1. suapp phaphakdy on

    Yup although its unfortunate it is fair given all the effort time and
    material it takes to produce it

  2. Kenny G. on

    I paid $45 last week for a gram of some GDP shatter wax. It was purged well
    and very potent, but had little flavor and was more along the line of $20 a

  3. dkslutty on

    For a first timer i would say depending on potency and stuff, it could feel
    like smoking a spliff in one draw

  4. suapp phaphakdy on

    Hey nay you should try to get Dino to take a 0.5 out of that snazzy
    recycler rig I’m with you on not taking big dabs but I’d gladly serve them
    up cuz I don’t want to gasp for 30 minutes hahaha

  5. socalhippie hashman on

    Just fed the babies outdoors with some micos and chicken shit tea.. There
    all lovin it man.:)

  6. suapp phaphakdy on

    But that doesn’t mean you can run a batch of some brick and charge $30 a
    half gram…that’s 0.5g

  7. suapp phaphakdy on

    I just quit smoking cigarettes this last month so I can’t take giant dabs
    but I can do fair sized dabs

  8. Kenny G. on

    It’s a concentrated form, so it’s very potent. Knocks you on your ass, your
    first time dabbing is like your first time smoking all over again.

  9. suapp phaphakdy on

    It’s a fantastic way of medicating with cannabis while being free of the
    few carcinogens of burning the plant matter

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