LIVE! with bubbleman

EC & PH Check for Nutrient Lockout; Patient Grow Room
August 25, 2014
Outdoor Marijuana Garden Flower Training 2
August 25, 2014

LIVE! with bubbleman come see me live right now all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay…


  1. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Or at least for a little while

  2. medi CalGrower says:

    What up guys? Nay.any news on the garbage ya found?

  3. MiGrowB says:


  4. Dakind brew says:

    advise notB

  5. Mystjah says:


  6. MiGrowB says:

    welcome back bubbleman

  7. Sasha Gallagher says:


  8. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Yeah, it’s awesome. I just made like a gram last night and I haven’t had
    hash in like 4 months, that is what made me think to watch this.

  9. Jaime Morales says:

    whats so good about hemp wick? lke you still have to light it up to even
    use it.

  10. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Once you have spore prints, you can make syringes that are like just full
    of spores.

  11. Sasha Gallagher says:


  12. MiGrowB says:

    how do i do that? put them on tin foil?

  13. teeznutz0 says:

    my lastgrow I almost cried, got lock out for hte first time in years,
    diditn recognise it and got about 30% of what i usually get.

  14. teeznutz0 says:

    now I’m working for meds lol

  15. MiGrowB says:

    puff puff passes some of my super lemon I grew

  16. MiGrowB says:

    no i nvr tried it but good idea

  17. Mini Hooligans Kennel says:

    wassup trendy

  18. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Or you can just make jars like you are, then when they get fuzzy, break
    them apart in to a bigger thing.

  19. Sink Florida Sink says:

    Bubblman how is the jamaican doing?

  20. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Not DMT, but 4-HO-DMT

  21. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    Okay now I really gotta go mow

  22. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Yeah, first bake the foil to make sure there are no germs to infect the
    spores. Then put caps on the foil like over night

  23. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Nice. You should make spore prints, so that you can do as many gros as you

  24. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Nice. Once you get going that will be like starter jars. Like when you are
    brewing beer you make a “Yeast starter” then throw that in the bigger
    fermenter with all the sugar in it

  25. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Once you have syringes that are like just black with spores and there is no
    clear water, you can inoculate any amount of substrate.

  26. MiGrowB says:

    subbed u Mini

  27. MiGrowB says:

    I did 6 1/2 pint jars

  28. Sasha Gallagher says:

    4-HO-DMT is the Psilo stuff, DMT is different

  29. Dakind brew says:

    havnt tripped in like 6 yrz

  30. MiGrowB says:

    I hope I get at least 2 to work

  31. Dakind brew says:

    the b+ R great

  32. Jaime Morales says:

    what up everyone!!

  33. MiGrowB says:

    can you do gallon jars?

  34. Sasha Gallagher says:

    That was a fat hit, I have asthma, my lungs can’t do it like that, lol. I
    smoke all day still though.

  35. Juicy Josh says:

    Whats going on with the Trendys

  36. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    im here bro

  37. MiGrowB says:


  38. Sasha Gallagher says:

    They are related though

  39. MiGrowB says:

    im trying out B+,Pink buffalo and mexican

  40. teeznutz0 says:

    I didnt know you Trendys were so Shroomy

  41. J Blaze says:

    so theres no way of isolating the dmt from mushrooms

  42. MiGrowB says:

    I bought everything spores and the kit for around 70$

  43. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    you have to right click on mouse on the track

  44. MiGrowB says:

    yeah i put prob enough spores in 1 the jars 4 a gallon cake lol

  45. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Look up “Coco Coir Cubensis” on google images

  46. Dakind brew says:

    awesome B

  47. MiGrowB says:


  48. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    on the track right click on mouse gives you the option to separate the
    audio and video also

  49. Sasha Gallagher says:

    Has anyone tried hash made with lemon grass? It has “Myrcene” in it and you
    get higher. I put MJ and Lemon grass together in my BHO extractor and the
    hash is AWESOME.

  50. MiGrowB says:

    I wanna make a lighter that sparks a hemp wick without using a lighter