LIVE! Trendys rolling up in this bitch HARD!

LIVE! Heartfelt emotions and deep personal beliefs of NAY!
August 27, 2014
LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 27, 2014

LIVE! Trendys rolling up in this bitch HARD! come see me live right now all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay…


  1. MiGrowB says:

    yeah he also is a good singer

  2. Johnny sheibs says:

    I made an upload I ApprecIate the two subscribers but I was wonder how to
    set up. Profile pic….thAnk you Trendies

  3. MiGrowB says:

    LOL yes I did

  4. MiGrowB says:

    yeah I got them beans thanks man you hooked me up!!!! I owe you I still
    have seeds to collectr I will send u some extras bro ok?

  5. Johnathan Harris says:

    lol thats cool i was wondering what this was all about

  6. MiGrowB says:

    it is in the about section trendydabberchatcom

  7. SourBogBubble says:

    damn wanna play too log in 7g DL

  8. MiGrowB says:

  9. Faded In 831 says:

    I see you got your seeds

  10. MiGrowB says:

    that is some youtube chat glitch it happens to us all

  11. MiGrowB says:

    were all called trendys

  12. Austin Rinderle says:


  13. Faded In 831 says:

    420 cheers all

  14. MiGrowB says:

    I have a brand new Ago dry herb vape pen

  15. yuri michigan says:


  16. MiGrowB says:

    right now he is playing this game but he talk a ton dose bong hits and has
    a nice garden

  17. SourBogBubble says:

    then you can auto connect to his games

  18. Johnathan Harris says:

    im good man high

  19. MiGrowB says:

    hi faded

  20. MiGrowB says:

    I am also trying to get some people from here to join growchatcom

  21. MiGrowB says:

    that is it the blue one

  22. MiGrowB says:

    you gotta add the . cuz youtube blocks adding webpages in this chat

  23. EJ Tha Chiefa says:

    Whats up guys

  24. Faded In 831 says:

    good it is kevin k hear

  25. MiGrowB says:

    I am about to get 20 more free ones

  26. Johnathan Harris says:

    oooh alright so this is were you hang out wen yr not on gcf

  27. MiGrowB says:

    free mj seeds for just posting 500 times and great strains to pick from

  28. Faded In 831 says:


  29. MiGrowB says:

    nay is real cool if you dont have this guy subbed you should

  30. MiGrowB says:

    he has this youtube channel but he also has his own website where u can
    talk to people in another chat and video/voice are accepted in the chat

  31. Johnathan Harris says:

    sup mgb i made it

  32. SourBogBubble says:

    Add his account

  33. MiGrowB says:

    wake up

  34. Johnathan Harris says:

    il check it out man cool

  35. Austin Rinderle says:

    D3thRok right?

  36. MiGrowB says:

    oh hey bud how u doing?

  37. Austin Rinderle says:

    What up trendys anyone know what server nay is playing on|

  38. Johnathan Harris says:

    cool hows it all work

  39. MiGrowB says:

    not much how are u?

  40. SourBogBubble says:
  41. MiGrowB says:

    how is every1 tonight?

  42. yuri michigan says:

    hell ya

  43. MiGrowB says:

    I dont know what im gonna give away but it could be nutes or seeds or tons
    of things

  44. MiGrowB says:

    im gonna go purple kush and icecookies or medusa and purple haze

  45. MiGrowB says:

    yeah on here and in that other site the site is up 24/7 this is up just
    when he dose his broadcast

  46. Johnathan Harris says:

    cool man

  47. MiGrowB says:


  48. Johnathan Harris says:


  49. MiGrowB says:

    nice welcome ozzy this is trendyasdabbers live video/chat

  50. Farmer Joe says:

    Your on your way home.You get a ticket but,you cant buy glass because your
    worried about the expense of the ticket? Your a dam medium, a dam medium