LIVE! Talkin’ REAL PERSONAL stuff with Trendy Nay!

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August 22, 2014
Season 1 Episode 3 : Just me rambling about stuff
August 22, 2014

LIVE! Talkin' REAL PERSONAL stuff with Trendy Nay! come see me live right now! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE…


  1. jay smif says:

    Yeah yuri

  2. Stephen Rodriguez says:

    yo sup nay!!

  3. Mystjah says:


  4. Steez says:

    i hate that thats how people think

  5. nickrod32 says:

    cheers 10:20

  6. dave palen says:

    if you smoke weed and can’t have a successful life that’s your fault not
    weed iv been smoking since 14 and im 19 now and yea im doing a trades
    course and i passed high school with honours so

  7. jay smif says:

    I paid 9.99 yuri

  8. Anon Doxer says:

    You’re a fuckin Ace Nay, Good kill

  9. MiGrowB says:

    subbed u craig kerr

  10. Doomchaser1 says:

    We roll fat

  11. Dakind brew says:


  12. jay smif says:

    Night yuri

  13. IronLungs Mcgee says:

    Me too yuri

  14. yuri michigan says:

    boflow !!

  15. Dakind brew says:


  16. Domeless Tefty says:

    Trendy nation, Cheers Nay

  17. Stephen Rodriguez says:

    sup trendy’s!!!

  18. Dakind brew says:

    ugh tss ugh tss ugh tss

  19. MiGrowB says:

    kevin i sent u another email on gmail

  20. Dakind brew says:

    from who?

  21. Dakind brew says:

    mad @ u

  22. MiGrowB says:

    u too mystjah

  23. Dakind brew says:


  24. MiGrowB says:

    subbed u dave palen

  25. Dakind brew says:


  26. Mystjah says:


  27. Majick Freeman says:

    The Fisher King is such a good movie! Terry Gilliam always rules! He’s the
    same guy who directed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil and his newest
    movie “Zero Thereom” is fucking awesome as well! I love it man. Good taste.

  28. Domeless Tefty says:

    Yo Nay good gamin’

  29. yuri michigan says:


  30. MiGrowB says:

    Anon subbed u

  31. spencer R says:

    waitn on a zip

  32. MiGrowB says:

    subbed u domeless

  33. Dakind brew says:

    up n smoke

  34. nickrod32 says:

    thank you

  35. Brice Gibson says:

    forest gump lol

  36. trendyassnay says:


  37. Craig Kerr of Reddit says:

    Cheers Nay and fellow Trendys

  38. spencer R says:

    come to “da” chat

  39. Domeless Tefty says:

    Yo Yuri!

  40. nickrod32 says:

    double kill with chopper highlight reel

  41. Dakind brew says:

    u know how we roll man

  42. yuri michigan says:

    lol night jay

  43. trendyassnay says:

    thank you everyone for attending this live

  44. jay smif says:

    Imma fall asleep peace trendies

  45. yuri michigan says:


  46. Chris P says:


  47. Craig Kerr of Reddit says:

    Nice one!

  48. nickrod32 says:

    i forgot i missed first hour gonna rewatch

  49. yuri michigan says:

    ima head to the chat

  50. Domeless Tefty says:

    Subbin’ everyone