LIVE! TAD TALKS! Oklahoma College Racist Piglets TURN DOWN OR ELSE!

Wake&Bake with Wax/Shatter
March 10, 2015
عصابات Documenting Most Violent Crimes
March 10, 2015

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  1. Cannabis healz says:

    Well these racist scum bags all should be put on blast there names should
    be public knowledge so everyone can know who they are. A athlete from I
    think football left the school because of this and I would hope more also
    do the same matter of facts I hope all the black athletes move to another
    school and the NCAA should not make them give up a year. The frat should be
    band from all schools. If you really want to stop this from happening again
    make a example out of these idiots. This is unbelievable but I seen it on
    the video so I know it happened and also goes to show you what these kids
    because they are still just kids, how they are being raised and what the
    frat and school is teaching these kids.

  2. mic foley says:
  3. trendyasdabbers says:

    please share this message so that a racist might get their teeth brushed