LIVE! Strain/Concentrate Mixed REVIEW!


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LIVE! Strain/Concentrate Mixed REVIEW!https:// —theme song! all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4…

50 comments on “LIVE! Strain/Concentrate Mixed REVIEW!

  1. aaf9666 on

    I used to see those knives all the time at the swap meet. Frost cutlery..
    most likely china´╗┐

  2. J.B. R. on

    you all have a great freaking night. I got to get time to put girls to bed
    so they can continue blooming into medicine, cheers

  3. YAS991000 on

    Hey Nay you might recognise my name watching ur lives but nyways im
    originally Arab nd i just wanna say that I appreciate what u said about
    Gaza!! and yea dude we all stoners lol …cheers

  4. J.B. R. on

    its been a minute since I had time to hang im here. can I join in voice
    chat on this or is you tube retarded….

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