LIVE! SKS Sighting In with Trendy Nay!

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August 12, 2014
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August 12, 2014

LIVE! SKS Sighting In with Trendy Nay! come see me live right now! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ABOVE THANKS! NEW LINKS BELOW! Thank you for being a subscriber! You guys rock! Please keep the friend requests coming…


  1. 420Homestead says:

    man i miss my sks

  2. coltplay51 says:

    California has pretty much banned most decent firearms

  3. Ian Tokin says:


  4. Ian Tokin says:

    ya new target is good bud

  5. Ian Tokin says:

    it was blowin right nay?

  6. shawn days says:


  7. aaf9666 says:

    technical difficulties damn

  8. Ian Tokin says:

    ban bang bang bang bang bang XD i miss shooting :/

  9. medi CalGrower says:

    556R patrol

  10. Game Guru Okamoto says:

    cool cool

  11. norcalibayarea408 says:

    sweet bro ,cheers

  12. shawn days says:

    does it gota bayonet

  13. medi CalGrower says:

    yeah shes away. its sad sometimes I wonder why I still keep her.

  14. B. Bozo says:

    i’ve seen a sniper hit a can at 1,000 yards with a AK12 7.62 so….

  15. Game Guru Okamoto says:

    somthing lose

  16. Ian Tokin says:


  17. Ian Tokin says:

    3 b eyes oh shit

  18. Game Guru Okamoto says:


  19. Game Guru Okamoto says:

    and fast rate of fire

  20. medi CalGrower says:


  21. dol ch says:

    darn i missed it =(

  22. medi CalGrower says:

    Have you guys seen how they make the ammo for 7.62×39??? Its not
    consistant. Still a good plinker.

  23. Ian Tokin says:


  24. Ian Tokin says:


  25. B. Bozo says:

    oh i c

  26. 420Homestead says:


  27. shawn days says:

    wassup nay

  28. Game Guru Okamoto says:

    oh that was standing up

  29. medi CalGrower says:


  30. medi CalGrower says:

    yeah 7.62×39 not a long range round.

  31. Ian Tokin says:


  32. medi CalGrower says:

    yeah I know even tho I had my ar before the ban. now I gotta mod it to be
    leagal. but its an original colt so I don’t want to.

  33. 420Homestead says:

    gawd daym it

  34. Game Guru Okamoto says:

    the wind keeps taking the target

  35. medi CalGrower says:

    yeah we do I ought 1 last year we got 10rd mgs and a mag latch… ist lame

  36. Ian Tokin says:

    the target ?

  37. 420Homestead says:

    you need a gun cabinet next to that bong cabinet

  38. medi CalGrower says:

    Dude Nay check out those sig saur 556R there bad ass.

  39. coltplay51 says:

    @mediCal don’t think Cal. allows the 556R damn shame

  40. Ian Tokin says:


  41. coltplay51 says:

    @420 think Nay is ready to join cww

  42. Game Guru Okamoto says:

    happy run

  43. coltplay51 says:

    @medCal put that colt in the attic or basement untill needed

  44. 420Homestead says:

    I can shoot 763×39 at 300 yards all day with great grouping

  45. shawn days says:


  46. medi CalGrower says:

    my last buy was a ruger slabside stainless she shoots great for a 22 .

  47. Ian Tokin says:

    knew it 😛

  48. 420Homestead says:

    right on colt CWW

  49. shawn days says:


  50. coltplay51 says:

    @medi Cal thats pretty good