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LIVE! REVIEW! SUPERMODEL BHO!https:// all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4…


  1. Xypro on

    you need to set up a timer or something, then it shows “live broadcast in
    xx:xx” those always popsup in my feed. get doug with high has the same

  2. theClosetgrower420 on

    Maybe since you encourage your viewers to subscribe to everyone else
    commenting on your videos they are getting too many other videos in their
    subscription page and either have more content to watch and just don’t have
    the time and hang out watching you for a few hours after watching a handful
    of 10 min videos or your videos just get lost with all the other ones? Not
    a hater, I watch all the time I’m just trying to think of all possibilities
    of why your YouTube numbers are all messed up…just a hypothesis

  3. andrew massino on

    damn dude! i only started like 3 years ago or so and just this past year
    its been easier and easier to get i have a great connect now

  4. andrew massino on

    nah man a world without weed is no world at all haha dabs are just like a
    tasty treat

  5. sam boddy on

    only got the choice of 2 strains over here in the uk hahaha smoking on the
    blue cheese and haze

  6. Rob Barker on

    i have a hard time finding your live feeds or your channel updates , i have
    to actually look for them every morning when i wake up , face book usually
    lets me know whats up . the only way i know its on is by coming directly to
    your channel

  7. FOREVERurservantiam on

    its really nice and it’s not a production piece..i think they are all
    individually made

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