LIVE! ICE CHALLENGES – my thoughts and yours?

Let’s Drink, Let’s Smoke, Let’s PLAY! – Ninja Blade [part one]
August 23, 2014
August 23, 2014

LIVE! ICE CHALLENGES - my thoughts and yours? come see me live right now all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay…


  1. Trenton Thibault says:

    could we all get a bong haters

  2. Trenton Thibault says:

    i love how we are a stoner youtube video community

  3. rui mon says:


  4. trendyassnay says:


  5. aaf9666 says:

    damn u just got 5 spontaneous dislikes

  6. Chris P says:


  7. rui mon says:

    SQUATCH ! i remember him

  8. medi CalGrower says:

    Gotcha Bitch haha get em!

  9. aaf9666 says:

    the last troll made a video about it lol

  10. medi CalGrower says:

    @ ninja rite?

  11. Trenton Thibault says:

    take a trip to Colorado and smoke out with paul

  12. Liquid Glass says:

    nay is a secret government spy from russia. lol

  13. DoNotLegalizeWeed says:


  14. NiNJA oo . says:

    Nay whats good brotha

  15. Anon Doxer says:

    sounds polish

  16. rui mon says:

    who wants to smoke?

  17. PHDinTHC420 says:

    have a great time

  18. truth275seeker says:

    nay is a proven government shill

  19. Trenton Thibault says:

    i never seen one before i want one

  20. Nice won says:

    the one thumbs downer haha GTFO

  21. Anon Doxer says:

    yeah with all the guns you showed on here last week hahaha government shill
    that’s funny

  22. Liquid Glass says:

    metal metal metal!!!

  23. Trenton Thibault says:

    did you see the bong carpet R3dband has

  24. aaf9666 says:

    put some wax on top

  25. NiNJA oo . says:

    who uses the word shill haha

  26. Nice won says:


  27. Anon Doxer says:

    there’s an up to counter that down boss

  28. Trenton Thibault says:

    have to see that

  29. trendyassnay says:

    ice challenge? i just want a LIKE!

  30. trendyassnay says:


  31. PHDinTHC420 says:


  32. Nice won says:

    looks like we found the troller

  33. PHDinTHC420 says:


  34. Liquid Glass says:

    ceramic nails are good , you just have to heat them evenly and slowly and
    they take forever to cool down lol

  35. trendyassnay says:

    answer me

  36. trendyassnay says:


  37. Anon Doxer says:

    I follow redband as well

  38. medi CalGrower says:


  39. PHDinTHC420 says:

    o get this i heard yesterday that some man got shoot 5 times in San diego
    the cops pumped 5 shoots in him

  40. Anon Doxer says:

    What’s the scoop on customgrow420 did someone get into his page?

  41. Anon Doxer says:

    I had just subd his channel only 3 weeks or so ago

  42. aaf9666 says:

    alex jones

  43. Doomchaser1 says:

    I was first to up .

  44. alien624 says:

    what is happening??

  45. Trenton Thibault says:

    can we figure out who disliked that nay

  46. NiNJA oo . says:

    What is your guy’s opinion of ceramic nails?

  47. Nice won says:

    HAHAH truth seeker the shill agent whats up alex jones

  48. Anon Doxer says:

    Yeah Redband is cool, i’d love to see him do more videos

  49. Trenton Thibault says:

    bring some dabs

  50. PHDinTHC420 says:

    he did not pay for his bus pass