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Video: Agents Seize $10 Million in Marijuana
August 21, 2014
LST & HST Training; Cannabis Patient’s Outdoor Patio Grow
August 21, 2014

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  1. ColoursBrehh says:

    Not much is up, just smoking some flower!

  2. Christopher Marquez says:

    That is an awesome idea.cuz its hard for me to find the content sometimes
    whe I dnt have a couple hours to kill.ya kno?? Thanks a lot.keep doin that
    pls dnt have to be so shortbut gettin the topic out of the way first is a
    good idea.nic2 vid.cheers.!

  3. TheRadboy84 says:


  4. spencer R says:

    im about to go back and listen to that last song again

  5. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    Cheers @50:11 Right on man dig that tune

  6. TheRadboy84 says:


  7. TheRadboy84 says:


  8. Trendy Jordan says:

    Cheers Colours

  9. Trendy Jordan says:


  10. yuri michigan says:

    peace bud

  11. TheRadboy84 says:


  12. USArmyMP373 says:

    peace out folks

  13. ColoursBrehh says:

    Hello trendy’s! What’s up nay?

  14. Charlie Sims says:

    The ol Guit Fiddle!

  15. yuri michigan says:

    lol stu

  16. ColoursBrehh says:

    Nay, smoke a bowl with me?!

  17. Trendy Jordan says:

    Nays just in his Zone you guys

  18. TheRadboy84 says:


  19. Trendy Jordan says:

    Badass Suapp id love to try one

  20. ColoursBrehh says:

    And thank you jordan!

  21. Geo B says:

    what upp

  22. Trendy Jordan says:

    peace out bro

  23. ColoursBrehh says:

    Cheers everyone!

  24. Charlie Sims says:

    colors colors colors!

  25. TheRadboy84 says:


  26. TheRadboy84 says:


  27. Charlie Sims says:

    Flower Power!

  28. spencer R says:


  29. TheRadboy84 says:


  30. Trendy Jordan says:


  31. Trendy Jordan says:

    Loving this music yall

  32. TheRadboy84 says:


  33. Stuart .I says:

    i got this here medical card from my doctor to smoke up all the medical
    tobacco i need for my chronic back pain

  34. yuri michigan says:


  35. spencer R says:

    3 strange days!

  36. TheRadboy84 says:


  37. Charlie Sims says:

    I watched some old Nay vids yesterday. Nay you’ve changed bro!

  38. Charlie Sims says:

    What is up my friend?

  39. Charlie Sims says:

    Say what’s up and get a sub!!

  40. TheRadboy84 says:


  41. SourBogBubble says:

    Yes adding the content of title is a great move Nay…..Edit in in the
    first 5 mins. forgot that part some how

  42. trendyassnay says:

    please add a comment and a LIKE!

  43. Trendy Jordan says:

    This has been fun

  44. ColoursBrehh says:

    What’s up man?!

  45. Trendy Jordan says:

    Nay is Stellar playing the guitar!

  46. Charlie Sims says:

    Yeah. He left us in suspense the whole video.

  47. Charlie Sims says:

    I’m steady subbin over here.

  48. Trendy Jordan says:

    i just subbed u ColoursBrehh

  49. Kevin K says:


  50. suapp phaphakdy says:

    Yo nay what’s going on bud? I’m making medicated cinnamon rolls