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LIVE! DOING DABS!all viewers must 18 and up for this video. adult setting, language and activities. Live BF4 with Nay on Cam! please keep

50 comments on “LIVE! DOING DABS!

  1. Doomchaser1 on

    If cannabis is now a legal medical prescription they should not ne allowed
    to test for it

  2. IronLungs Mcgee on

    If anyone is looking for jobs that dont test, restaurants don’t test. so
    you’ll have a job plus you can toke and have munchies, win win win

  3. Doomchaser1 on

    Everyone should spend 2 hours a day working for themselves.. until they can
    afford do it full time

  4. StealyourFace710 on

    Alright guys i gotta head out, great talking to you Iron! Have a great day
    nay & the trendys!

  5. StealyourFace710 on

    Hey nay hows it going brother? hello to the trendys aswell! Have a job
    interview tmrw wish me luck friends!

  6. IronLungs Mcgee on

    Don’t get trapped in that state. tons of my friends moved out right after

  7. Doomchaser1 on

    I used get my 8 hours work done in 4-6 hours..then take off and do my own
    jobs.. now i just do my own work

  8. StealyourFace710 on

    right on brother! yeah I heard that, theres alot of people over here that
    need it!

  9. killer7639 on

    Lol been a Lil while since I’ve watched your bids or live stream but your
    still funny as,he’ll man stay trendy xD

  10. dementia insomniac on

    sorry for my typos…if I did speech to text lmao it would make even less
    sense! I am lucky if it get 1 of 5 words correct. Must be my New Yorker, melk, longuyland, cawfee…people always point out my
    words lol..toke time!

  11. StealyourFace710 on

    Yeah my older brother lives in cali he moved when he was 26, he is a
    licensed caregiver and thats where i plan on going when I get the money

  12. EJ Tha Chiefa on

    Thats awsome, until they get into the garden, ive never had deer mess with
    my weed plants but theyve sure fukd up a vegtable and corn garden

  13. StealyourFace710 on

    thanks alot! so do I! I actually live in CT where it is decriminalized but
    they still test for it im assuming

  14. StealyourFace710 on

    thanks! haven’t burned anything in over a month, mandatory drug test to get
    the job aswell lol!

  15. StealyourFace710 on

    Going to be a big change for me, thats for sure, haven’t been to cali since

  16. Doomchaser1 on

    holy cow… Mammoth Lakes, California is shaking.. 157 small quakes so far
    last 24 hours

  17. IronLungs Mcgee on

    lol ya I can’t live in Corrupticut anymore. my whole family is there but
    I’m good where I am at

  18. StealyourFace710 on

    haha i bet! I just got back from a Phish show in Saratoga springs getting
    out of the state always makes me never want to go back, then i get back and
    im like wow there aint much to do here! lol

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