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August 29, 2014
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August 29, 2014

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  1. 234cheech says:

    chat nay for a toke buddy

  2. PHDinTHC420 says:

    hey all

  3. 234cheech says:


  4. Dirtlife K says:

    why is it so dark?

  5. Charlie Sims says:

    Yeah it was totally like that. I was stoned and just said it.

  6. LIME5900 says:

    I mean we don’t control the government run animal mills that are in
    regulation with the laws that we also have no control over.

  7. Jack Jones says:

    i know, i seen the video of the one cop saying that he will shoot even
    though they werent even doing anything

  8. kristiechina says:

    Jack jones did you see the job Stewart race off? I don’t have tv but I saw
    a few clips on YouTube. Wonderful writing was done there!!

  9. spencer R says:

    Want to dab with some one

  10. Dirtlife K says:

    That 9 year old should have never been able to shoot anything bigger than a
    .22 rifle! What Dumb parents, and instructor! 

  11. Charlie Sims says:


  12. Jack Jones says:

    or the purge’s that ive heard have been going on

  13. Jack Jones says:

    when the officer shot brown

  14. spencer R says:

    I wounder if any one is in the chat

  15. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    right on man

  16. trendyassnay says:

    please leave a comment a like and a sub!

  17. fetsy420 says:

    yo Nay

  18. Jack Jones says:

    what do you think about the people who do the als ice bucket challenge but
    dont actually donate?

  19. Matt G says:

    Hey Everyone… Hey Nay

  20. Jack Jones says:

    what do you think about the ferguson riots?

  21. alvin v says:

    @jack jones what bothered me the most was the attempted surpresion of the
    reporters on site.

  22. fetsy420 says:

    I do like my bong bong;)

  23. alvin v says:

    morning good people

  24. Matt G says:

    sup lime

  25. spencer R says:

    I had a substitute teacher in high school, he had one leg, and always said
    hunker down. His name was mr. unger

  26. Tony Hartford says:

    i did my first dab last week

  27. Jack Jones says:

    it was a bong with the metal piece on it that you heat up with a blow torch

  28. Jack Jones says:

    good morning to you to

  29. kristiechina says:

    I feel similarly about ferguson, shouldn’t even be an argument it is
    racial. There is no way you can be same and say the black experience is
    equal to the white experience in America. Color blindness and the belief
    that the race fight is over and that all of the claims of oppression and
    discrimination are not real come from people who buy into exceptionalism.
    Examples: “Racism can’t exist, we have a black president”, “no way racism
    is still here, look at how rich jayz is”, etc.

  30. kristiechina says:


  31. LIME5900 says:

    Ohhh that makes it easier thanks!

  32. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    trendys 4 life

  33. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    just shared bro

  34. Charlie Sims says:

    Hey I got my facts mixed up the other day. You found the steam plant on
    google maps. I really didn’t realized how bad it sounded after I said that
    the other day.

  35. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    Good morning good people,, How are you Nay..

  36. kristiechina says:

    Good morning!!

  37. LIME5900 says:

    Good morning Clowns.

  38. Charlie Sims says:

    WOOOO! Nice Nay!

  39. Jack Jones says:

    lol, its glued on

  40. Charlie Sims says:

    Good Morning Trendys!

  41. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    thumbs up folks

  42. Jack Jones says:

    now im on my actual account

  43. fetsy420 says:

    both me buddy

  44. LIME5900 says:

    Nice man

  45. Charlie Sims says:

    Man I’ve been worried about that for a few days.

  46. LIME5900 says:

    Hey Matt.

  47. Charlie Sims says:

    Totally my bad brother.

  48. LIME5900 says:

    What kind of piece did you use?

  49. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    hell ya nice man..

  50. AllClownsGoToHeaven says:

    good morning brother