lights for growing marijuana?

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Marijuana Growing

i am getting my medical marijuana card in california. and since i live in a city i will be growing my own but it must be indoor. so my question is what type of lights are best overall?im looking for economy wise as well as productivity wise. please no dumb answers.

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  1. quicksticks on

    I could talk all day about this subject..but in a nutshell…you can use fluorescent lights to grow for the vegetative stages of the grow process..but if you want less open space between your nodes and inter-nodes then you want a stronger light to grow with…fluorescent lights are perfect however to get clones rooted..and for bringing up seedlings…but the general consensus with grow lights is about a gram per watt..but that depends on several varying factors such as…strain, size of grow op, fertilizers and type of light used, style of growing “topping” and what not…but that’s all another story…as for productivity and lighting..i always use metal halide for vegetative growth because it is more toward the blue spectrum of light which is better for vegetation, then i swap to HPS (high pressure sodium) which leans more toward the red side of the light spectrum and is better for flowering stages…hope this helps ya…happy smokin 😀

    HPS can be used for all stages..but i prefer the way i said above…and there is no such thing as “mercury halide”, he means “mercury vapor” and is no where near as good as metal halide..they will work but are not optimum.

  2. Jay on

    if you can get your hands on PLASMA BULBS with a correct ballast,these are perfect.

    but otherwise 70/150/250/500 watt (high pressure sodium bulbs are good for the flowering stage),but perfectly appropriate for the whole growing process.

    compact flourescents are very efficient and provide a fair amount of lumens,but tend to have a different spectrum needed for each stage.
    Figure at least 150 watts per plant @ 1 1/2 feet -2 feet otherwise,double (300) your wattage.

    mercury vapor bulbs emit a green spectrum( very non-efficient)not recommended

    metal halides are excellent for the vegative stage up to pre-flowering
    figure at least 100 -175 watts per plant up to 18 inches tall.
    otherwise,invest in a 250.

    l.e.d.’s ( light emitting diodes/are a joke(very poor spectrum)

    incandescent bulbs are a complete failure( do not use)

    any questions about growing are available on various growing sites ,if need be.

    happy growing,


  3. Simon on

    Move to Spain, grow it/consume it on your own property. It’s still illegal but the police are powerless until you take it outside 🙂


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