Licensed Marijuana Grower Sues Cops For Killing His Plants


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Licensed Marijuana Grower Sues Cops For Killing His PlantsApril 11, 2013 CNN

44 comments on “Licensed Marijuana Grower Sues Cops For Killing His Plants

  1. aybesee123 on

    The issue is that police took something out of his home that he had the proper paper work for in the first place.

  2. andrewquigley18 on

    war on drugs war on islam war with korea and barry the frauds wife wants you to hand over your guns stop hurting children what a fucking joker she is your man has killed more children than any one else i know now he wants nuclear war lol he will want to paint the whitehouse black soon satanic cunts

  3. shizloner on

    no something good will happen from this the local authorities will start to honor state laws regarding medical marijuana and this is the only way they will learn by lawsuits same thing happened here 10 years ago, he will never receive any money from the authorities after he wins.

  4. Polydynamix on

    There’s this new stuff required to prosecute people, they’re calling it ‘evidence’. There’s a few websites that explain this new concept.

  5. myfist01 on

    I love how those retarded values they put on weed are finally backfiring, 1/4 mil for 40 plants, rofl, maybe if you sold it by the bone at $50 a pop.

  6. JamesAlan051 on

    our attention should be on helping AMERICANS
    stop hurting our own people
    it’s just a plant, it’s really no big deal
    wake up and smell the beauty

  7. jerm1089 on

    its cnn go figure… they sympathize with rapists what good can you really expect from these lying scumbags

  8. ewigkase1 on

    the old way to deal with this was to go shot em’ up.
    nice to see it disputed with a law suit

  9. NonAggressionState on

    Sue them personally. LEOs need to be held accoutnable personally for thier actions.

  10. myfist01 on

    Chris Hedges, James Corbette, and many more. Maybe stop watching corporate presstitutes and assuming they are the only ones.

  11. bamboo4tameshigiri on

    They always add AT LEAST 500% markup to “justify” their nazi goosestepping to the ignorant public.

  12. pvtpain66k on

    $360/Oz is $5760/lb. Presuming he gets 1/2 Oz to 3 Oz, per plant times 42 plants… And that’s JUST for the plants.

  13. lstdaysofaprl27 on

    well the “reporter” is a just presstitute reading the dumbass questions of some CNN producer.

  14. lexbvl on

    Public SERVANTS should be prosecuted at a greater extent than ordinary Citizens, that should curve the problem.

    “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

  15. 11pinrelay on

    Hemp oil will do your taxes for free & get you a bigger return. Cannabinoids are sacred plants that offer universal healthcare & no interest loans.

  16. SubHek on

    what a stupid “reporter” if you can even call her that, she has no clue what the law is on record, how the hell does this “news” channel get away with shit reporting like this.

  17. backflashproduction on

    1:57 CNN proves it is nothing but statist propaganda with government “defense attorney.”

  18. skypilot805 on

    Once again, NOTHING good will happen from this. He’ll just get awarded taxpayer money. The only way things will EVER change for the good in scenarios like this is if the police THEMSELVES have to pay from their own pocket. Or if their specific department took the hit. Like I said, giving the guy taxpayer money, won’t change police behavior AT ALL.

  19. JackBoazman on

    this happened to me in jefferson county. mmj legalities are a muckin fess right now! i moved away partially because things are so out of hand! there are corporate and mob hands ALL throughout denver trying to get involved in the business. with old, inside-the-box thinkers/lawmakers playing both sides of the coin as the laws are being passed. im moving back. gonna give it one more shot! ::fingers crossed:: i ONLY grow for myself and fellow MS patients btw…

  20. apocalyptichybrid2 on

    Ya, he is going to win a lawsuit against the police for killing off his plants. I don’t think so. Many go without compensation in legit murder and assault lawsuits against cops.

  21. fingal113 on

    i agree with like 90% of what you said.the sheriff should be out of a job anyway it goes.if the grower wins the the tax payer is out 250k.if he looses then that means the sheriff destroyed 250k of a law abiding small farmers crop.
    anyway you look at it this will have a sad ending

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