Lets Play Farming Simulator 2013 – EPISODE 50 ( End of Season 1)

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April 9, 2013
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April 9, 2013

Lets Play Farming Simulator 2013  - EPISODE 50 ( End of Season 1)Episode 50 Peeps … Hope you enjoy the harvest !!! Well Here it is peeps !!! 3hrs of fun harvesting for you 🙂 did we reach our 1m goal ???? LOL Skip to the…


  1. Ryan Brock says:

    Just spent till 12.20 to watch all of it so tired bt worthit

  2. topgear279 says:

    i watched it all

  3. toscaphant says:

    Hey Stocko,

    Just finished watching your 50th video and what a great video it was. Looking forward to the 2nd season. Well done

  4. braders joss says:


  5. coolguysayhi1 says:

    Stocko, i watched every single minute!!!

  6. Matthew Harrison says:

    you using fraps?

  7. georgehood750 says:

    Hey Stocko I watched all your vids from episode 1 and they have all been amazing

  8. jackbarth2000 says:

    I watched it all

  9. jack moore says:

    watched all episodes of series one all the wsy through including tjis one cant wait to see what you git planned add me on xbox live my gamertag is: Xx PuRe R4Yz xX

  10. Norbert Bund says:

    do central Kansas

  11. Dylan Jordan says:

    stocko do midwest USA map 2013 v2.01

  12. Scott Foster says:

    Loving the celebration wizz wizz bang bang

  13. D'larni Clarke says:

    I will miss, it has been the best

  14. B2Pproduction says:

    I have watched the wole 3h. But on tree device, my computer, my Ipod and my tv because of apple tv.

  15. Beckler Thomas says:


  16. kieran eleven says:

    3 hours

  17. thetridenttrollers says:

    Thanks for spoiling the surprise next time put [SPOILER]

  18. Chad Myers says:

    Awesome ending Stocko. Have enjoyed watching you throughout season one, can’t wait to see what’s in store for season two.

  19. steelersrock422 says:

    my neighbors are farmers and I help them and they just traded in their Case IH Quadtrac 550 for a Quadtrac 600. That thing is a beast!!

  20. Sean Johnson says:

    Entire thing

  21. steelersrock422 says:

    can you do another multiplayer on farmsim?

  22. daniel love says:

    what map you going to use next ?

  23. RetardedBikingMorten says:

    Don’t do Kansas cause Der is doing it and I think it’s better if you have some different things to choose from : )

  24. johndeerejosh2010 says:

    i watched it all i quite enjoyed watching u mess up especially driving to the big field with the loads to sell 🙂 i was like erm stocko , stocko u have passed the turning 🙂

  25. evilguy920 says:

    Is this in HD

  26. juice4665 says:

    u had a few voice cracks when u told us about u tellin ur wife it rained lol

  27. PeakeyFortySix says:

    Stocko, as requested, i watched it all the way through and i had to do it in 2 parts as at times our internet becomes d=so bad that youtube won’t work because we live in a village! Great vids you make

  28. shlimdog95 says:

    your mum must be so proud

  29. dylan dekraker says:

    game will be at my house on Thursday the 11th can what stockoglaws made me think about buying the game from his videos and i got it from ebay still three left and only $20.84 dollars

  30. iWhiteThreads says:

    I think it will be good !!!

  31. joe goode says:

    Can u make a vid for what u use for recording

  32. Norbert Bund says:


  33. Matthew Harrison says:


  34. MrMarko1100 says:

    Just watched from start to finish on the xbox while playing my own career on my laptop . how many times did you go to that field by mistake ? haha . great watch really enjoyed it looking forward to see what you have planed for season 2 .

  35. RuusaPro says:

    waiting for season 2

  36. Alex Evans says:

    Why no hd

  37. dakotapisano says:

    where do you get your mods?????

  38. Aaron Kinge says:

    is it long anuf

  39. capnoz1 says:

    Stocko, I loved the ending.. brilliant!

  40. Troy B says:

    I watched it all great job!!!

  41. RetardedBikingMorten says:

    High five Stocko!
    Glad to see you remembered! ; )

  42. Scott Foster says:

    Gonna take me 3 years to watch this 3 hours long lol rains all the time on train sim 2013 & euro truck 2

  43. Harrison mackenzie says:

    two rivers map

  44. PeakeyFortySix says:

    Stocko: ‘I’m not going to the inn this time and not the big field’ a few seconds later ‘I’ve done it again’!!! Great vid and series mate, keep them up!

  45. KarlOpsII says:

    Fsx is good when u know what to do like me

  46. johndeerejosh2010 says:

    stocko in season 2 can u get mrs stocko to do some driving 🙂

  47. SuperSmileyschannel says:

    I watched it all love this game!

  48. Bo Koppie says:

    Hi Stocko I was wandering for the 2nd seasin you should get the claas lexion ArsenalRibert uses the tank is like unlimited and you can harvest at full speed Good series man fir the second season can you use a face cam I Go Packers. You should do a series of this game qhen it comes out on xbox it says there will be a us based map on it and i think you should do it

  49. darren bohan says:

    whole 3 hr. Do you tink it will be any good on xbox +ps3 when it comes out in september