LETS chilllllllll.

Random Useless Update Afghani Kush wk before flower
May 17, 2014
May 17, 2014

LETS chilllllllll.what are you doing to stop unsubscribing me and all of my followers from each others channels? why are you having us create “TRUSTED POSTERS” on our lives, everyone deserves a voice and we…


  1. Fryingsquirrel says:

    i already stopped nay

  2. Fryingsquirrel says:

    not cool

  3. Fryingsquirrel says:

    nothing nay.?…what about the cat..?..lol..he needs some

  4. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    Hey shayna

  5. Shayna Lynn says:

    Dabs are cool when I don’t have time to laze out, but I’m self employed, so
    that’s pretty regular

  6. spencer R says:


  7. Shayna Lynn says:

    smokin herb and cookin good food… NOW you’re talkin, subbed Rob

  8. Fryingsquirrel says:

    bong hit..!!

  9. Fryingsquirrel says:

    youtube virus has probably been installed after the first 15-20 times i did

  10. EXP1 says:

    Good Afternoon, Bro.

  11. spencer R says:

    thats the first time i have ever heard some one say spider man wasnt good

  12. Shayna Lynn says:

    damn Nay’s searching for actual pieces of salad in all that chicken

  13. Shayna Lynn says:

    Hi Joe

  14. BigJoe Kasulis says:

    Wassup Nay and Trendys!!

  15. Robert Chapman says:

    love the cix czr

  16. Robert Chapman says:

    love to cook

  17. spencer R says:

    damn im hungry now

  18. Fryingsquirrel says:

    god dammitt i stuck on 54…lolol

  19. Robert Chapman says:

    thats week

  20. Ernest Stewart says:

    cheers flying

  21. Shayna Lynn says:


  22. Fryingsquirrel says:

    fifty five ..hahahahaha..break time for me ..

  23. Robert Chapman says:

    gotta get some asiago cheeze on that salid

  24. spencer R says:

    where did you get the from Nay?

  25. MrSirwaddles says:


  26. Robert Chapman says:

    i used to work at eric’s deli in the bay an they have the bst cix czr

  27. Fryingsquirrel says:


  28. spencer R says:


  29. MrSirwaddles says:

    i want delicious salad now

  30. socalhippie hashman says:

    yea..it’s better then nothing i guess

  31. Shayna Lynn says:

    I love cooking too

  32. Fryingsquirrel says:

    bahahha..the legitimacy…?

  33. Robert Chapman says:

    smoking an smoking

  34. Robert Chapman says:

    got it

  35. Robert Chapman says:

    the buffet sounds like

  36. spencer R says:

    chickin wings

  37. Fryingsquirrel says:

    like i always say ..it’s time to stop drop and roll..haha

  38. Robert Chapman says:

    u makin me hungery

  39. Robert Chapman says:

    last channel

  40. Shayna Lynn says:

    I have nothing but flower!!!!! eh it’s not so bad

  41. Shayna Lynn says:

    cool cool

  42. Robert Chapman says:

    i have a grow opt to

  43. Shayna Lynn says:

    yeah I didn’t like the new spidey

  44. trendyasdabbers says:

    Please stop logging me out of my account even while i am broadcasting a

  45. Fryingsquirrel says:

    cheers Ernest

  46. Shayna Lynn says:

    me too

  47. Fryingsquirrel says:

    wheres that cat ..hahaha

  48. Robert Chapman says:

    i just hit like again

  49. socalhippie hashman says:

    come on 55 likes!

  50. Ernest Stewart says:

    me 3