Legally cultivating “SSH” (Super Silver Haze) to Groovy Sounds @ home.

1 Week old Marijuana Plant
May 16, 2012
Pre-outdoor medical grow Update#1
May 16, 2012

Legally cultivating Pot loves music & music loves pot. Imagine that…. The plant’s age in these clips range from possibly as early as 9 weeks to 13 weeks. It was allowed to veg or stay in vegetative growth stage for 8 weeks, and has been under 12/12 flower for 5 weeks now. Growing Pot / Cannibus / Marijuana / Weed / Ganja / Smoke @ home.


  1. bozeangelos says:

    looks good check out my channel if you got time sub if you like

  2. daBrUDas520 says:

    Lookin’ nice…Uget a sec,give us a looksee!!!
    Keep on Growin’…Keep on Smokin’