LED Grow Skunk Haze Harvest

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December 3, 2014
Power Diesel and 818 headband flower grow
December 4, 2014

sup toobers, check out my skunk haze from cbd crew seedbank. a high cbd strain and really skunky. just under 12 weeks in flower and we are good to go, check it out. peace.


  1. noircomics12 says:

    I wouldn’t keep them hermie seeds bro. Hermie seeds equals hermie genetics.
    Great grow overall. Keep it up.

  2. Josh P says:

    Any tips for beginner growers and where to purchase seeds if your located
    in the us? It would help out a lot if I could get tips from you. Thanks for
    making the interesting videos man. 

  3. Scronce says:

    Still a nice harvest bro hope that cbd knocks you out like it should haha,
    it may have hermied because of the heat but 24hrs might not be long enough
    for seeds looking that mature. Hope it smokes clean 🙂 another few jars for
    the cupboard 

  4. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Hermi bud is still great for making hash!

  5. EronGrows 420 says:

    Nice harvest bro looks very yummy boy’s