LED Grow B.M. Auto Day 62/Mothers/Clones

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April 26, 2014
Jungle- Smoked Out
April 26, 2014

LED Grow B.M. Auto Day 62/Mothers/Clonessup “boys” check out a update of Big Marley Autoflower on day 62 and a update on veg room. new mothers Jack Herer n Big Buddha Cheese and a look at some Sogouda n Afghani clones in the cloner….


  1. ClosetGrown420 says:

    great update.

  2. Herbal Gerbal says:

    wat up subbies, happy belated 420 hope u guys had a good one. got a nice
    update for your weekend here. take look at my Big Marley autoflower on day
    62, new mothers, and Sogouda n Afghani clones as i flush n prep for harvest
    in couple weeks. enjoy