Kristen & Steve’s Failed Business


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Kristen & Steve's Failed BusinessIn this video …… Steven & Kristen talk about a business proposition they were offered and the outcome of that offer.

4 comments on “Kristen & Steve’s Failed Business

  1. Angela Haven on

    For shame. I thought you guys were not going to succumb to Health Canada’s
    tyranny, but you went one step further and actually tried to gain
    employment under their Federal abuse. SICK! I have heard you talk about
    fighting this problem side by side with patients, yet you seemed to have
    jumped ship here. Respect has been lost yet another notch. There should not
    have to be ANY profit when it comes to Cannabis. YOU failed the test. Talk
    about your actors & actresses thinking they are activists. I am sick of the
    BS all around. 

  2. Skyler B on

    in a social setting like we have here, its very hard to find someone with
    non Capitalist ideals when getting into a business. people come first.
    there are many patients who still havens spoken out and the benefits of
    cannabis can help so many people when i see them killing themselves off
    with Canada” Safe drugs” ie Pharmaceuticals when Canada themselves want a
    drug free Canada? its a business and not about us anymore. if only the
    plant can grow everywhere then we can be like a new jhonny cannabis seed xD
    and grow it all around the world in abundance so there is no shortage and
    everyone will be able to have access .

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